Complete Review of DeFi (and Web3) with IvanGBI

During Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul, The Defiant and IvanGBI engaged in an insightful conversation covering a wide range of topics, from DAOs, token utility, and governance to RWAs, GameFi, the bear market and much more.

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This conversation between The Defiant and Ivan was recorded during Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul.


0:36 Who is Ivan?

1:21 Getting into crypto

2:13 Western Europe vs Middle East

3:33 What is LobsterDAO?

6:55 Moderation

9:20 Launch of Curve Finance

10:54 Community vs Organization

12:00 Gearbox Protocol

14:25 Market Sophistication in DeFi

16:25 UX Frustrations

18:55 Governance

21:50 Token Utility

25:04 Yield in DeFi

26:51 Sustainable Yield

28:57 Intents

31:20 Hardware Wallets

32:38 Best way to manage wallets

33:49 Is the bear market over?

35:24 Crypto narratives

36:15 Decentralized Social Media

39:11 RWAs

40:20 Options and Perps

40:49 GameFi

45:00 Ivan's biggest bags

48:05 Narrative vs Execution

49:39 Crypto Landscape in Türkiye

53:15 ETHGlobal Istanbul

54:54 Creative Process

55:41 ETHGlobal Projects

57:40 Driving Adoption

1:00:12 Gearbox Updates

1:00:43 Final words