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Ethereum Users May Soon Be Able To Retrieve Lost Private Keys

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Ethereum Users May Soon Be Able To Retrieve Lost Private Keys

Developers Launch Account Abstraction Via New ERC-4337 Token Standard

By Samuel Haig

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Ethereum developers announced the surprise deployment of the ERC-4337 token standard at ETHDenver’s WalletCon event on March 1.

The token standard enables what’s called “account abstraction,” allowing wallets to operate as programmable smart contracts and paving the way for users to recover lost private keys.

ERC-4337 was deployed as a smart contract, meaning no major changes to the core Ethereum protocol were needed to launch the new token standard.

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Crypto Gaming

GameFi Picks Up Steam As It Looks To Go Mainstream

PRIME, HyperPay and ‘Undead Blocks’ Debuted This Week

By Aleksandar Gilbert

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PRIME, a token supporting crypto-based videogames including Parallel, a trading card game, has a market capitalization of just under $80M a day after its launch.

Interest in PRIME highlights investors’ optimism around GameFi, a crypto sub-market that marries videogames and finance and has seen steady development. 

Just this week, a crypto videogame storefront, HyperPlay, went live via early access. And a former Goldman Sachs analyst released a zombie-themed videogame intended to address most crypto-based video games’ biggest weakness: they aren’t any fun.

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Layer 1

Solana To Focus On Stability In 2023 After Repeated Outages

A Third Of Solana Labs Developers To Work On ‘Adversarial Team’

By Aleksandar Gilbert

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After a Feb. 25 network outage — a problem that, while infrequent, has made Solana a punching bag among members of rival communities including Ethereum — co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko said substantial resources will be dedicated this year to improving the blockchain’s stability.

Solana Labs, an organization dedicated to improving the Solana blockchain, has formed an “adversarial team” comprised of almost one-third of its engineers, according to Yakovenko.

Solana’s pivot to stability could mark a shift in mindset for a community that had long prided itself in its ability to ship new upgrades quickly.

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