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Aave Opens Door to Lido Rewards

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DeFi Earnings
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Liquidity Staking

Aave Opens Door for Lido Rewards Across Three Networks

Lido Has Skyrocketed 58% in Last 30 Days as LSD Story Picks up Mojo

By Tarang Khaitan


In the latest bullish signal for the burgeoning staking sector, Aave has just cleared the way for Lido to distribute rewards across three liquidity pools on its system — Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

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DeFi Lending

MakerDAO Defies Bear With $19M in Profit

DeFi Lender Takes 42% Hit to Top Line But Stays in the Black With RWA Strategy

By Samuel Haig  


At first glance, MakerDAO’s financial performance in 2022 looks grim — the No. 2 DeFi protocol suffered an 79% drop in operating earnings and its top line revenues skidded by 42%. 

Yet, given the carnage in crypto in 2022, MakerDAO, a pioneer in DeFi lending, can at least boast it made money last year. And the protocol’s embrace of real-world assets provided a most welcome source of growth.

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Arbitrum to Let Devs Work in Traditional Programming Languages

Stylus Initiative Enables Devs to Deploy Apps on Leading Layer 2

By Owen Fernau


Developers often need to learn a new programming language to break into crypto, but the company behind Arbitrum, the top Layer 2 network for Ethereum, is trying to change that picture. 

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DeFi Collaboration

DeFi Giants Join Forces on Twitter to Promote Decentralization

Aave, MakerDAO and Yearn Seek to Show Contrast with Scandal-Plagued CeFi Firms

By Samuel Haig 


About 20 DeFi projects, including Yearn, Aave, and MakerDAO, are poised to begin sharing each other’s tweets Monday as part of a 24-hour campaign to promote the permissionless nature of decentralized finance.

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Market Maker Hacks CoW Swap

DEX Says a ‘Solver’ Perpetrated the Heist and Customer Funds Are Safe

By Samuel Haig  


Hackers exploited the CoW Swap decentralized exchange on Tuesday and stole $166,000 worth of BNB from a wallet controlled by the protocol, according to the company. In a twist, CoW Swap identified the hacker on Twitter as one of its market makers. 

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