⚔️ Curve Turns Off Mochi’s Rewards After ‘Amazingly Scammy’ Tactics Trigger Outcry

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News Curve Turns Off Mochi’s Rewards After ‘Amazingly Scammy’ Tactics Trigger Outcry The Web3 Three: Discord, Reddit and Twitter Tease Crypto Integration Ethereum Name Service Jumps to $1B Market Cap Af...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,





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Curve Wars

⚔️ Curve Turns Off Mochi’s Rewards After ‘Amazingly Scammy’ Tactics Trigger Outcry

SALVO A fresh salvo has been fired in the Curve War and the Establishment isn’t happy.


PROTOCOL Mochi is an overcollateralized lending protocol that allows users to borrow USDM, its native stablecoin, against their crypto assets. It functions similarly to Maker, Abracadabra and Cream.

REWARDS Launched yesterday, the project is in the spotlight for its brazen tactics to maximise CRV rewards for its USDM liquidity pool deployed on Curve Finance, which has now killed its gauge altogether, cutting off its rewards.


INCENTIVIZED Here’s how it all went down. On Oct. 10, Mochi launched its governance token, MOCHI INU, and incentivized liquidity for its USDM stablecoin. As is customary, DeFi users aped in, and liquidity quickly grew above $100M.


Social Media

🧐 The Web3 Three: Discord, Reddit and Twitter Tease Crypto Integration

BLOCKCHAIN PARTY The big-but-not-Facebook-big companies of the social web, Discord, Reddit and Twitter, are giving crypto’s technology a much more serious look. That could mean the blockchain party will be much larger, soon.

OLD GUARD The question is: will they be able to use their size and reach to take the decentralized web over? Or will they accelerate the growth of crypto native efforts such as Decentraland and Bored Apes in spite of themselves? Or will all of the old guard’s efforts at decentralization end up looking roughly as good in hindsight as AOL keywords?

ONBOARDING EVENT The “Web3 Three,” Discord, Reddit and Twitter, are all making noises about embracing the decentralized web. The three companies have something like 300M to 400M users apiece. Whereas the latest count by ConsenSys puts Ethereum at 300M addresses, which would be far far fewer users. So if these companies go through with it, it could be, if nothing else, a major on-boarding event for crypto.



🚀 Ethereum Name Service Jumps to $1B Market Cap After Airdrop of ENS Token

NEWS ENS, the governance token of Ethereum Name Service, hit a market capitalization of $1.15B in early morning trading EST. That’s equal to about 10% of the value of GoDaddy, the 24-year-old internet domain registrar and web hosting company.

SIDE PROJECT Airdropped ENS became claimable on Nov. 8. While it looks like Ethereum Name Service came out of nowhere it actually started back in 2016 as a side project of lead developer Nick Johnson.

REVENUE State, as they go by on Twitter and who works on governance at Aave, is a major proponent of the project. “Seems like ENS could become [the] basis for web3 identity and portable profile that u can plug into metaverse/games so it succeeds and everyone wants one = more revenue?,” State tweeted. “It’s a good coin,” as State told The Defiant in a DM.



Zero-Knowledge Primer

0️⃣ How Zero-Knowledge Proofs Became Ethereum’s Magic Bullets

In this research piece, Alex Shipp describes how Zk-proofs are a key source of innovation and a solution for deficiencies in blockchain tech.

TL;DR This year, Zero knowledge proofs (zk-proofs) are making their mark as the most potent cryptographic instruments powering innovation in decentralized ecosystems.

SOLUTIONS Zk-proofs were first conceived by computer science researchers Shari Goldwassser, Silvio Micali, and Charles Rackoff in their 1985 paper, The Knowledge Complexity of Interactive Proof-Systems. Developers, system architects, and researchers in the Ethereum community — blockchain’s leading smart contract ecosystem — have spent the better part of the last three years straining their creative faculties to develop solutions — and more often, temporary workarounds.

REMEDY Their goal is to remedy the blockchain’s two glaring deficiencies: the capacity to operate efficiently at scale, and to safeguard user privacy unequivocally. On both prerogatives, Ethereum’s best and brightest minds have converged on zero knowledge protocols and their ever-versatile implementations to build the next iteration of turing-complete blockchain infrastructure.


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The Tube

📺 First Look: Unboxing Jeff Staple x RTFKT Studios Meta-Pigeon


🔗 How to value Cryptoassets? - With Su Zhu and Hasu: Uncommon Core

With BTC and ETH making new ATHs, new and old investors are asking themselves the same question: How do you value cryptoassets?

🔗 Rocket Pool Eth2 staking service launches, hits stage two cap in 45 seconds: CoinTelegraph

The launch of ETH2 staking service Rocket Pool saw it hit its stage two cap in just 45 seconds according to the co-founder of hosting partner Allnodes Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky.

🔗 SEC Stops Wyoming-Based DAO From Registering 2 Digital Tokens: CoinDesk

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stopped a Wyoming-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) from registering two digital tokens as securities, the agency said on Wednesday.

🔗 Idle is officially live on Polygon!: Idle

Following the $700k B2B Polygon Program announcement, we are excited to release Idle Protocol on Polygon with $DAI, $USDC, $WETH Best-Yield strategies!


Celsius @CelsiusNetworkMark your calendars for this week’s AMA! 📺 #AskMashinskyAnything 🚀 @Mashinsky & @Zach_HODL_ON 🤝 @tusharnadkarni & Christina Sciotto from #TeamCelsius 🗓 Friday (weekly) ⌚️ 1:00 PM EST 🔗 youtu.be/bTrByn1DAFo


youtu.beCelsius AMA November 12th 2021Our mission: To put unparalleled economic freedom in the hands of the people. Join the revolution, join Celsius and unbank yourself! Earn up to 15% APY on yo...11:01 PM ∙ Nov 10, 202151Likes12Retweets


dHEDGE (🦔,🦔) @dHedgeOrg1/5 🚨 Announcement🚨 #dHEDGE is super excited to announce the first protocol built and integrated directly via the dHEDGE SDK - a new derivative asset platform on @0xPolygon called Toros. @torosfinance enables one click on-chain leveraged positions via a single token. 🚀


9:29 AM ∙ Nov 11, 2021168Likes51Retweets

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ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin Teases MetaMask Token $MASKOne of web3’s most essential tools may be getting a token. Joseph Lubin, founder of Ethereum incubator ConsenSys, set off speculation a token for the non-custodial wallet MetaMask is imminent after tweeting, “Wen $MASK? Stay tuned.”

Metis Joins Ethereum Layer 2 Race With $100M Ecosystem FundThe competition to become the dominant Optimistic Rollup Layer 2 solution just got a new player and a $100M fund boosts its chances.

Trailblazer THORChain Accidentally Front-runs THORSwap Community in Latest WoeDrama continues to hang over the trailblazing cross-chain decentralized exchange protocol THORChain, with the protocol’s treasury accidentally front-running the highly anticipated token offering of its platform, THORSwap.

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