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Ape Diaries: The Early Bird Gets The Airdrop

It has historically paid to be early in DeFi — literally. Traders (including yours truly) are betting that will also be the case on Arbitrum and Optimism.   DeFi has long fostered a culture of rewarding early adopters, with a great example being last year’s massive

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Balancer’s New Kind of Pool Enters Battle for Crypto Liquidity

Automated portfolio manager Balancer introduced a new mechanism to improve capital efficiency for liquidity providers as it aims to take a larger bite of the interest-bearing token market. Balancer’s so-called metastable pools have a  “nesting” feature, facilitating cheap swaps between one pool’s tokens and those


Defiant Degens: How to Farm Up to 152% APR in Balancer Polygon Pools

This is a weekly tutorial on the most compelling opportunities in yield farming, written by our friend DeFi Dad, an advisor to The Defiant and Head of Marketing and Portfolio Support at Fourth Revolution Capital. The goal is to expose more Defiant readers to new

Balancer V2 is Now Live Along With $2M Bug Bounty

Balancer Protocol’s updated smart contracts, which allow for users to further customize token pools, are now public and open source. The project is offering a 1k ETH bug bounty to spot vulnerabilities in the code. Balancer’s new architecture is based on a single vault that

Balancer Unveils Generalized AMM in Upgrade

Balancer unveiled its V2 protocol upgrade, offering a generalized AMM solution for DeFi liquidity. Balancer allows users to create token pools with flexible constituents, weights and trading fees. With V2, Balancer will aggregate all its liquidity in one vault, while users will maintain an internal


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