YPRED Token Presale is Live: World’s First AI Ecosystem

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YPRED Token Presale is Live: World’s First AI Ecosystem

San Francisco, CA, February 13th, 2023 –, the innovative platform of AI/ML experts, financial specialists, traders, and investors, has unveiled its highly-anticipated presale of YPRED tokens. This is an exceptional opportunity for early adopters to invest in a low market cap alt token that has the potential to deliver 100x returns.


The presale is now open and available for purchase on the official yPredict website. With only 8 million tokens allocated for the presale at a discounted price of 0.0375, and a market cap at listing of just 4.5 million, the potential for substantial returns is evident.

<<<<yPredict Official Presale Page>>>

yPredict’s goal is to transform the financial prediction market by providing traders and investors with data-driven insights and analytical metrics generated from alternate data. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and products, including a marketplace, trading terminal, and revenue-sharing pools, all designed to help users make informed trading and investment decisions.

Financial markets, including cryptocurrency, are notoriously unpredictable due to the sheer volume of trades executed through sophisticated algorithms. yPredict aims to bridge this gap by offering a prediction marketplace where financial data scientists can provide results and signals from their predictive models as a monthly subscription service.

YPRED token holders will have full access to the yPredict analytics platform, allowing them to analyze coins with unparalleled precision. They can also purchase predictive model subscriptions through the yPredict Marketplace and earn substantial APYs by participating in staking. Unlike traditional staking pools, yPredict pools are dynamic and source liquidity from 10% of platform revenue, ensuring consistent returns on investment.

“We are delighted to launch the presale of YPRED tokens and bring a new level of transparency and predictability to the financial markets,” said Raj Sharma, CEO of yPredict. “Our team of experts is committed to providing traders and investors with the necessary tools to make informed decisions, and we believe that our ecosystem of AI/ML experts, financial specialists, traders, and investors will be a game-changer in revolutionizing the financial prediction market.”

To learn more about the yPredict presale or purchase YPRED tokens, please visit the official yPredict website.

About is an ecosystem of AI/ML experts, financial specialists, traders, and investors, providing state-of-the-art analytical tools and platforms that deliver data-driven insights and analytics through cutting-edge financial prediction methods and metrics built with alternate data.