🇺🇦 UkraineDAO Raises $7M and Builds Global Network of Supporters, Says Co-Founder Alona

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News EXCLUSIVE: UkraineDAO Raises $7M and Builds Global Network of Supporters, Says Co-Founder Alona NFT Collectors Love Space Doodles Imagery But Not Its Confusing Valuation Model Osmosis Launches Staki...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:



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Ukraine Crypto

🇺🇦 UkraineDAO Raises $7M and Builds Global Network of Supporters, Says Co-Founder Alona

By Samuel Haig

NEWS UkraineDAO, a decentralized collective raising funds to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in eastern Europe, has collected more than $7M in five days. The funds will be used to support non-profits and Ukrainians struggling to endure the Russian invasion, which is now entering its second week.

ALONA “The most valuable thing, to me, about this DAO, is that I was able to connect with other people who were on the ground, or that could provide some help,” Alona, a UkraineDAO co-founder and Ukrainian living in the UK, told The Defiant in an exclusive interview. “To me, UkraineDAO is about providing Ukraine with the help that it needs, and providing those connections that unite people who are willing to help or that need help.”

NETWORK Alona has been instrumental in building a network of supporters in the crypto community for her embattled fellow Ukrainians. She took part in discussions last week with PleasrDAO, theinfluential collective of DeFi leaders. And Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of Near Protocol, connected her with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. She says that Buterin called her within minutes to express his support.



NFT Launches

🪐 NFT Collectors Love Space Doodles Imagery But Not Its Confusing Valuation Model

By Owen Fernau

IMAGERY For all the mojo in NFTs, there’s still a lot of experimentation under way. And sometimes buyers aren’t sure what to make of a new crop of imagery, or new minting systems.

PRICE FLOORS Space Doodles, the just-released collection from the team behind the Doodles NFTs, is case in point. Launched on Feb. 28, Space Doodles spurred excitement for its playful characters zipping through psychedelic space in various crafts. But some are selling well below price floors.


Space Doodles #669

MINT The holders of desirable NFTs often get the opportunity to mint others from an associated collection. For example, Cryptoadz NFTs have derivative projects like Cryptoflyz, Mistletoadz, and Croakz, all of which are worth less than 10% of the original.

ORIGIN Space Doodles are similar to these derivative projects in that the NFTswere released with one-to-one availability to their origin project, Doodles. But unlike Cryptoflyz, Spaces Doodles can’t be sold without losing the original NFT. While a separate token, they’re more like a togglable mode of the original.


Proof of Stake

🌌 Osmosis Launches Staking Service to Bolster Shared Security in Cosmos Ecosystem

By Samuel Haig

CONNECTED Osmosis, the first decentralized exchange servicing blockchains connected by Cosmos’s Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, has launched a new staking service.

ASSETS On March 1, Osmosis (OSMO), launched “superfluid staking,” which will allow liquidity providers to stake LP tokens representing their assets while continuing to earn a share of trading fees.

STAKING The new service will allow LPs providing ATOM/OSMO to also designate their LP tokens to an Osmosis validator and earn staking rewards in addition to a share of trading fees from the liquidity provided. The Osmosis team describes superfluid staking as pioneering “reverse liquid staking” by allowing Proof of Stake tokens that are used in DeFi to also be mobilized for validating transactions and securing networks.


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The Tube

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