📬 Inbox Dump #3

All the tips that didn't make it to The Defiant the rest of the week.

Hello Defiers! Welcome to the third edition of Inbox Dump where we include the updates and announcements that flood our DMs each week and didn’t make it to our content platforms. Sometimes announcements here didn’t meet the bar to become a news story, sometimes they may have slipped through the cracks, or they came late and we haven’t had a chance to cover.

At The Defiant we cover the most important DeFi-related news and developments but I know many of you are hunting for projects before they are fully developed and before they are newsworthy. My goal with this installment of the newsletter is to help you find them. Look at this as the starting point to DYOR.

We also include a compilation of DeFi and crypto funding rounds in the past week so you have these in one handy place.

Keep in mind these have been unedited. With that —here we go!

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Inbox Dump!

📈 Introducing CTX Governance: Powering the TCAP Protocol

TCAP is a fully decentralized ERC-20 compatible smart contract that tokenizes real-time Total Market Capitalization from ALL cryptocurrencies and tokens listed on the largest crypto data providers in the world.

TCAP Address: 0x16c52CeeCE2ed57dAd87319D91B5e3637d50aFa4

CTX is a governance token that powers and secures the TCAP protocol developed by Cryptex.Finance. Holders of CTX can vote on protocol upgrades for Total Crypto Market Cap Token, TCAP, as well as all future products within the Cryptex ecosystem.

CTX Address: 0x321C2fE4446C7c963dc41Dd58879AF648838f98D

🍩 Announcing DOUGHpamine: Liquidity Rewards on Steroids to Fuel PieDAO’s growth

Following the successful governance vote, we are thrilled to announce the launch of brand-new DOUGHpamine incentive program to spearhead PieDAO’s growth in this new chapter. The new incentive program is designed to boost liquidity provision for DOUGH & PIEs, therefore removing friction for purchasing both our governance token and Pie index products and enabling anyone to take control of their financial future.

💵 Tether Tokens (USDt) to Launch on Polkadot and Kusama

British Virgin Islands, April 6, 2021 10:00 AM UTC - Tether Operations Limited (“Tether”), the company operating the blockchain-enabled platform tether.tothat powers the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, will launch Tether tokens (“USDt”) on Polkadot, a scalable multichain network. Before deploying on Polkadot, the first protocol that provides an environment for cross-chain composability of multiple applications and protocols, USDt will go live on the network’s cousin, the canary network Kusama.

😁 Ether Rock - Pet Rocks On The Blockchain

Welcome to the latest revolution in CryptoCurrency and blockchain technology! Ether Rock allows you to collect and trade virtual rocks, all in a slightly different shade of grey -- an idea that we expect to disrupt the multi-billion dollar crypto industry! Only 100 rocks will ever be available, and each new virgin rock gets more and more expensive. This game is built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, with a decentralized smart contract (deployed here) used to manage everything including the buying and selling of rocks, their prices and owners (though this website is still necessary so you can see pretty pictures of the rocks).

These virtual rocks serve NO PURPOSE beyond being able to be brought and sold, and giving you a strong sense of pride in being an owner of 1 of the only 100 rocks in the game :)

🇨🇭 SEBA Bank AG lists Digital Assets ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange in strategic cooperation with GHCO, a leading liquidity provider

SEBA Bank, a FINMA-licenced Swiss Bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets, today announced it is listing a suite of digital-assets-based exchange traded products (“ETPs”) on the SIX Swiss Exchange in partnership with GHCO, a leading liquidity provider specialising in exchange traded funds, from tomorrow, 09 April 2021.

The ETPs have been designed to provide investors with secure and cost-effective access to digital assets without the typically associa ted custody and security challenges.

📊 We are compli.fi , a derivative issuance protocol + AMM

We are compli.fi , a derivative issuance protocol + AMM. We launched about 5 days ago, current TLV $2.3m. Decentralised Derivatives: No margin calls. No liquidations. No defaults.

💸 Now you can earn staking rewards in Bitcoin with Kava 5 and HARD v2

HARD Money Market V2 will have the cheapest borrowing rates of any crypto lending facility in the first 3 months post launch -- The Kava 5 upgrade is on April 8th at 1500 UTC. With the update to Kava’s infrastructure and core services, users of apps built on top of Kava now have access to the features they have been asking for, like the crypto borrowing functionality, all on top of a faster and even safer platform built for financial services. Hard money markets will now enable users to borrow against multiple crypto assets. This enables users to put their assets to work, earn passive income, and take out loans. Users can now go long or go short easily on the most sought-after digital assets.

🦅 Wing, Ontology’s Cross Chain DeFi Lending Platform Is Now Live On Ethereum, Providing Opportunities To A Much Wider Audience

Wing, the credit-based cross-chain DeFi lending platform developed by Ontology, the public blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data, is now live on Ethereum.

Launched on the Ontology blockchain in September 2020, Wing has seen monumental growth in both the total value locked, which now stands at over $200m, as well as in levels of lending and borrowing activity between users. Following its integration with Ethereum, millions of global DeFi users will now have access to Wing’s unique lending, borrowing, and insuring options, including the option to swap assets into pegged assets on the Ontology blockchain where they can find lower transaction fees and higher processing speeds.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 First DeFi Mutual Fund Sheesha Finance Announces Advisory Board; Over $2 Million Raised

UAE - April 6, 2021 -- Sheesha Finance (https://sheesha.finance/), the first comprehensive DeFi solution for investors to easily access a variety of projects while solving issues surrounding locked crypto assets, today announced its advisory board. With a common goal of transparency and integrity in DeFi, industry leaders joining the board include founding partner of Galaxy Digital and CEO of NFT.com, David Namdar; CEO at StakeHound Albert Castellana; serial investor and industry pioneer, Hartej Sawney; crypto investor and CEO of Transform Group, Michael Terpin and founder and CEO of Beyond Enterprises, Brad Yasar. A full list of advisors is available on the company Medium.


💰 Polkadot-based DeFi project Equilibrium raises $2.5 million in new funding

Equilibrium, a Polkadot-based interoperable decentralized finance (DeFi) project, has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding. The funds were raised via a token sale, Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov told The Block. Investors, including CMS Holdings, KR1, Signum Capital, AU21 Capital, and Genesis Block Ventures, purchased Equilibrium's EQ tokens, said Melikhov.

💰 zCloak Network Closes $1.3M Seed Round Led by IOSG and Hypersphere

zCloak Network, a Polkadot-based and privacy-focused computing platform, announced it closed a $1.3M seed round led by IOSG Ventures and Hypersphere Ventures. Other notable participants include KR1, DFG, Advanced Blockchain AG, PAKA Fund and Digital Renaissance Foundation.

💰 Kianite Successfully closes 1.5M funding round to build community governed DeFi-ecosystem

We are excited to announce that Kianite has successfully raised $1.5 Million in seed and private rounds. The fundraising was lead by Spark Digital Capital, followed by other investors, including x21, Hillrise Capital, PrivCode Capital (MXC), Block Dream Fund (OKEx), Candaq, Magnus Capital, Oasis Capital, Titans Ventures and many other strategic backers. We will be using these funds to build our vision of a community governed DeFi ecosystem alongside our amazing community.

💰 Crypto Startup Atani Raises $6.25 Million Seed Round to Scale Its All-in-One Trading Suite

MADRID, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2021 / Cryptocurrency startup Atani, a company offering a one-stop trading suite for crypto enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce the completion of a successful seed funding round for $6.25 million. Notable European venture capital funds participated in the round, led byJME Ventures, early investor in unicorn Flywire. Conexo VenturesEncomenda Smart Capital and Lanai Partners joined the round, in addition to participation from a roster of individual investors that includes serial entrepreneurs, experts in crypto, blockchain technology, finance, legal affairs and crypto taxation.The seed investment follows a pre-seed round for $750,000 secured in May 2019, bringing Atani's total funding to $7 million.

💰 Octopus Network Raises $3 Million in Seed Funding

Seychelles, April 5, 2021 /AlexaBlockchain/ – The Octopus Network raised US$3 million in a seed-funding round for building out the base level infrastructure of Octopus Network. The fundraise includes investment from deep-crypto venture firms, including D1 Ventures, SevenX Ventures, Puzzle Ventures, PNYX Capital, Electric Capital, Ascensive Assets, Original Capital, ZMT Capital, Bixin, OKEx Block Dream Fund, Spark Digital, ChainX, Stafi, and NGC Ventures.

💰 Former Revolut executive raises $ 7.1 million for DeFi startup

Gro, a UK DeFi startup founded by former Revolut and Spotify executive Hannes Graah, has raised $ 7.1 million in a seed funding round led by Galaxy Digital and Framework Ventures. Variant, Northzone, Nascent, a_capital and 3AC participated in the Gro round. In this round, we plan to use the funds to increase the number of staff and start rolling out the product.

That’s all for today! Let me know what I missed!

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