📈 ETH Burns and Price Surges After EIP-1559 Executes

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today, News ETH Burns and Price Surges After EIP-1559 Executes Gelato Releases Tool to Ease Pain of Liquidations Hedge Fund Giant Steven Cohen Dives into Crypto with $21M Funding Round in Messari Crypto vs. W...

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we are covering today,





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🔥 EIP-1559 Day 2: Here’s Primers on How the Upgrade Works

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📈 ETH Burns and a Price Surge After EIP-1559 Executes

TLDR The Ethereum market is on fire, at least proverbially speaking. Over the first eight hours since EIP-1559 was implemented, thus changing the transaction fee mechanism of Ethereum, 2,458 ETH, or $6.9M at ETH’s current price of around $2.8K, had been burned.

GAS The proposal, which went into effect with the London hard fork at 8:34 am EST on Aug. 5, was a long-awaited change for making Ethereum’s gas fees more predictable. It does this by implementing a base gas fee that gets permanently burned during each transaction.

UNISWAP Now ETH is being burned at a rate of 3.42 ETH per minute. DeFi is a big contributor to ETH’s burn: Uniswap protocol founder Hayden Adams tweeted that within the first two hours of EIP-1559’s launch, Uniswap burned 80 ETH and at this rate would burn 350K ETH, or around $1B per year.



💰 Hedge Fund Giant Steven Cohen Dives into Crypto with $21M Funding Round in Messari

TLDR In the latest sign that Wall Street big shots love crypto, Point72 Ventures, the early-stage investment firm founded by hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen, has led a $21M funding round in Messari, the crypto market intelligence provider. It is Point72’s first foray into crypto.

SO WHAT Founded in 2018, Messari compiles and analyzes metrics on the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency markets for the likes of Coinbase, Gemini, and Chainalysis. It’s one of many players racing to build out data dashboards and analytical tools to support the expansion of cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

UPGRADE Despite recent volatility, the $1.6T crypto market is expected to continue growing at a good clip as mainstream giants such as Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase push deeper into the space. The advent of Ethereum’s upgrade this week, EIP-1559, may also drive momentum in the months to come.



🖼 Crypto vs. Wall Street NFTs Dropping From pplpleasr and Fortune Magazine

TLDR Artist pplpleasr, who has worked with big name DeFi protocols Uniswap, SushiSwap and Pickle Finance, has teamed up with Fortune Magazine for an NFT drop.

NEWS The NFTs, which go live on Aug. 6 at 12 pm EST, will be based on pplpleasr’s cover art for Fortune Magazine’s August/September issue, which focused on cryptocurrency and DeFi.

ART “The higher level concept of the cover art is to compliment their tag line: crypto vs. wall street,” pplpleasr said in a behind-the-scenes video. “So the art is meant to represent this concept of a portal or going down the rabbit hole of crypto and the metaverse.”



🔧 Gelato Releases Tool to Ease Pain of Liquidations

NEWS Liquidations are a pain for Defiers, but a new tool aims to prevent them automatically.

DEBT Decentralized bot network, Gelato Finance, released a user interface yesterday which will automatically pay down users’ debt on lending platform Aave if they are close to liquidation.

TOKENS The interface, called Cono Finance, does this by selling some of a user’s highest value collateral, exchanging it for the debt tokens owed to Aave, and then repaying the lending platform. This brings a user’s collateral-to-debt ratio down within a range specified by the user. This range is called the Wanted Health Factor. And all this is built to lower the probability of liquidation.



📺 The Defiant Weekly: The Defiant Guide to Art Blocks


🔗 ETH Burned

The more Ethereum is used...The more ETH is burned.

🔗 Trader Top 9: Congress and SEC Take Aim at Crypto: Cove Markets

Welcome back to another Trader Top 9! The regulatory pressure we've seen in recent weeks continues to increase. This time it was dangerous language in the giant bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as some big statements from SEC Chairman Gensler. Despite all this, we continued to see positive developments within the crypto community.

🔗 Senator Who Wrote Controversial Crypto Tax Rule Proposes Modest Revision: CoinDesk

Senators Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) submitted a competing amendment on Thursday to an earlier amendment to the Senate infrastructure bill’s cryptocurrency provision.

🔗 Binance to restrict derivatives trading for Hong Kong users: CoinTelegraph

Stepping up efforts to minimize the inherent risks of trading cryptocurrency, major crypto exchange Binance has announced it would restrict access to derivatives products to Hong Kong users.

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