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Solana Mobile Opens Preorders for New Smartphone

Saga Chapter 2 can be preordered for $450, less than half the price of its predecessor.

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Solana Mobile Opens Preorders for New Smartphone

Solana Mobile, the creators of the Saga smartphone, is set to launch a new device at a more affordable price point.

The company has opened preorders for Saga Chapter 2, aiming to build on the success of the first chapter, which captured the attention of crypto traders when they discovered that it came with an allocation of BONK tokens, which more than covered the device's price. Within a week of its launch, the Saga sold out completely, signaling a significant shift in the market's perception of the product.


One of Solana Mobile's stated goals is to make web3 technology more affordable and globally accessible. With this in mind, the company has set an initial "Founder Window" preorder deposit of $450, which is expected to cover the full price of the device. The original Saga was priced at $1,000.

To further incentivize early adopters, Solana Mobile has introduced a referral system. By connecting their wallet and X account, users can join the Chapter 2 leaderboard. As people preorder the new device using these referral links, referrers increase their chances of receiving rewards and giveaways from ecosystem teams while moving up the leaderboard.

According to the website, the new devices are expected to ship in 2025.

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