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Shocking SushiSwap CEO Horse & Fraud Allegations

Sushiswap Horse Scandal

By: Camila Russo Loading...

Today we’re taking a brief look into Jared Gray, who’s appointment as CEO of SushiSwap sent the coin price tumbling 10% – after reports came out that he had inappropriate relations with a horse. Obviously, Jared has denied all allegations – I mean, who wouldn’t. But that’s not all, there are also allegations of fraud, with some influencers outing his alleged crimes on twitter and asking why Jared, who they call a ‘’scammer and a con artist’’ was even among the options for new CEO. While it’s safe to say SushiSwap has seen their fair share of controversial news THIS level of scandal isn’t doing any favours for the once popular decentralized exchange – clearly demonstrated by the coin price plummeting.

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