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Rabby Wallet Launches Points Progam

Metamask Swap users can earn bonus points by switching to the multi-chain DeFi wallet from DeBank.

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Rabby Wallet Launches Points Progam

Rabby, a Web3 wallet launched in 2021 by the popular data platform DeBank, is the latest project to launch a points program to incentivize usage of its browser extension and desktop app.

Initial points have been dropped to all Ethereum addresses and can be claimed by installing Rabby, importing the wallets, and signing a gasless transaction.


Rabby is looking to draw users away from Metamask, the leading crypto wallet, by offering up to 12,000 bonus points to those who have used Metamask Swap in the past 12 months.

Under the new program, users can earn daily points for referring friends, swapping, and using Rabby’s gas top-up feature.

Web3 projects have increasingly turned to points programs to attract users and capital. By completing certain tasks, users earn points, which generally translate to future token airdrops. Solana liquid staking protocol Jito is a recent example, airdropping $160M of JTO tokens to program participants.

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