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Observers Suspect Market Manipulation As SUSHI Rallies 20%

Trader Making Large DEX Purchases Could Have Leveraged Long SUSHI Position On dYdX

By: yyctrader

Observers Suspect Market Manipulation As SUSHI Rallies 20%

SUSHI, the governance token of the popular decentralized exchange, has surged 20% today, outperforming broader markets. However, suspicions have arisen about possible market manipulation driving this sudden increase in value.

SUSHI Price chart

Blockchain sleuth Lookonchain has uncovered evidence suggesting that someone may be manipulating the price of SUSHI for personal profit. A fresh wallet has been observed purchasing large quantities of SUSHI on decentralized exchanges and concurrently depositing USDC on perpetual exchanges like dYdX.


This pattern has been detected across multiple addresses, hinting at a coordinated effort to inflate the price of SUSHI. Traders may wish to exercise caution as these newly acquired tokens could be dumped at any time.