There Are Now Half a Billion Crypto Holders Globally

Global cryptocurrency owners increased 34% in 2023, according to

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The image representing the rise in global cryptocurrency adoption.

There are now more than half a billion owners of cryptocurrencies globally, according to a report by Singapore-based crypto exchange

The report reveals that global cryptocurrency owners rose 34% in 2023 to 580 million in December from 432 million at the start of the year.

Despite macroeconomic challenges like inflation and geopolitical conflicts, the crypto market demonstrated consistent growth throughout 2023.

"This past year is another important foundational year for the entire crypto community," said CEO Kris Marszalek.

Bitcoin (BTC) ownership accounted for 51% of global cryptocurrency owners, with numbers growing to 296 million in December, from 222 million. Ethereum (ETH) owners rose by 39%, to 124 million in December from 89 million, representing 21% of global crypto holders.

Findings for’s Crypto Market Report are based on a combination of on-chain data with blended parameters to estimate the number of global cryptocurrency owners.