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Magic Eden Launches Cross-chain Wallet

NFT Marketplace Aims To Reduce Friction For Collectors With Assets On Multiple Blockchains

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Magic Eden Launches Cross-chain Wallet

Magic Eden, a leading NFT marketplace on Solana, has launched a cross-chain wallet to improve the user experience of trading NFTs across multiple blockchain networks.

The wallet offers cryptocurrency swaps between Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and Polygon. Currently in the current beta testing phase, a desktop browser extension is expected to launch early next year.

Originally launched on Solana, Magic Eden has seen an increasing share of trading activity on the Bitcoin network with the advent of Ordinals. So far this month, Bitcoin NFTs accounted for two-thirds of the marketplace’s volume.

Magic Eden Volume chart
Magic Eden Volume

One of the significant challenges faced by NFT collectors and traders is the inconvenience and complexity of dealing with assets on different blockchain networks. With this new wallet offering, Magic Eden aims to enable users to interact more seamlessly with NFTs across chains.

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