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Euler Hacker Returns $90M

Lending Protocol Lost $200M On March 13 Through Flash Loan Exploit

By: Owen Fernau

Euler Hacker Returns $90M

Less than two weeks after Euler Finance was hit by a nine-figure exploit, the attacker has returned nearly half the stolen assets, sending 51,000 ETH ($90M) back to the lending protocol’s deployer wallet.


51,000 ETH Returned. Source: Etherscan

Euler’s EUL token shot up nearly 40% to $3.87 on the news.


EUL Price. Source: Coingecko

EUL was nearly cut in half from $6.11 to $3.53 in the span of an hour after news of the hack broke on Mar. 13.

Crypto analytics firm Arkham Intelligence says the hacker still has $73M in ETH and $43M in DAI. It remains unclear as to what motivated the hacker to return the funds.

The returned funds come as Euler and the hacker have been engaged in negotiations through on-chain messages. The hacker previously returned 3,000 ETH in three separate transactions on Mar. 18.

The Euler team put out a $1M bounty on Mar. 15 as an incentive for people to provide information about the hacker. An ultimatum offering the attacker 10% of the stolen funds if they returned the remainder went unanswered.

However, on Mar. 20, the exploiter seemingly agreed to negotiate the return of the assets.

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Message from Euler exploiter. Source: Etherscan

The Euler team did not immediately respond to The Defiant’s request for comment.