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The Defiant Team

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  • Camila Russo

    Cami is the founder and editor of The Defiant. She is also the author of The Infinite Machine and was previously a Bloomberg News reporter covering markets in New York, Madrid and Buenos Aires.

  • Robin Schmidt

    Robin is The Defiant's head of video and multimedia. He is the award-winning filmmaker who produces the high-quality video content The Defiant's YouTube channel is best known for. Previously, he was creative director at Harmony.

  • owen f
    Owen Fernau

    Owen Fernau is a staff reporter at the Defiant. Before that he earned a degree in economics, learned Japanese, and fell down the crypto rabbit hole.

  • dan k
    Dan Kahan

    Dan is a Brooklyn-based writer living up to all the stereotypes you've heard about autistic guys with man buns and racoon eye bags. When he's not boring his girlfriend with hour-long rants about NFT media filing solutions, you can probably find him replaying old JRPGs or watching any anime series where buff dudes beat up other buff dudes.

  • alp
    Alp Gasimov

    Alp is multimedia editor and producer at The Defiant. Previously, he was video producer at Harmony Protocol.

  • isaac
    Isaac Ibiapina

    Isaac Ibiapina develops the frontend of Defiant’s Terminal. He is an Ethereum OG, previously founded ReportersChat and was also a co-founder of a DeFi startup in the Netherlands.

  • havard M
    Sam Farmer

    Our lead backend developer, who goes by the online name of "Sam Farmer," is a self-taught programmer, who learned how to code on Python, Javascript, Solidity and other languages to automate his trading of crypto assets.Other than trading magical internet money, he was also a consultant helping companies to scale by automating their business processes.

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