Nifty’s Wants to Bring Social Media to NFTs

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The NFT boom has yet a new twist: social media.

Nifty’s, which is led by NBA’s former SVP of new media Jeff Marsilio, is creating an NFT-focused social media platform. Members will be able to create, collect, and display all sorts of NFTs under one community. 

Nifty’s recently closed pre-seed round secured support from Mark Cuban, Draper Dragon, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin, and the pseudonymous DeFi whale known as “0xb1,” amongst others. Marsilio played a major role in bringing the NBA Top Shot licensing agreement.

Nifty’s used part of the funds raised to acquire the technology stack of MEME Protocol. MEME’s co-founders Jordan Lyall, Chris Your, and Eric Tesenair will be joining the Nifty’s team as co-founders.

Nifty’s is set to launch later this spring, with the aim of growing into an accessible, connected hub for the NFT community.

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