Billions of Users Can Now Access .Crypto Domains

Cloudflare, the internet infrastructure provider, now supports Unstoppable Domains’s .crypto domain name resolution. This will allow billions of users to access web content hosted on decentralized storage like IPFS and routed using blockchain-based domains.

By using Cloudflare’s DNS over HTTPS, and after a quick change of settings, crypto enthusiasts can sidestep individual browser requirements and access decentralized .crypto domains on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, and Edge browsers.

Unlike centralized domains, which are held by a third party and subject to renewal fees, blockchain domains can act as a payment gateway, meaning users can attach all their cryptocurrency addresses to one domain and receive payments through that domain. This helps users avoid sharing their  public keys in order to transact. Blockchain domains also are censorship resistant. They can only be taken down by the domain’s owner.

A guide to the settings enabling access to .crypto domains is available on Unstoppable Domains’ forum.

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