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🚨 MakerDAO May Execute ‘Emergency Shutdown’ If Sanctions Hit DAI

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today: News MakerDAO May Execute ‘Emergency Shutdown’ If Sanctions Hit DAI Centre Bans USDC Addresses After Tornado Sanctions Reddit Taps Layer 2 and FTX For Community Token Curve Finance Scrambles to Repel Exploit

Hello Defiers! Here’s what we’re covering today:

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Tornado Fallout

🚨 MakerDAO May Execute ‘Emergency Shutdown’ If Sanctions Hit DAI

DeFi Lender’s Stablecoin Under Pressure From USDC Contagion

By Samuel Haig

SHOCK WAVES Now it’s MakerDAO’s turn. The DeFi blue chip is the latest protocol to be struck by shock waves from the U.S. Treasury Department’s decision Monday to sanction Tornado Cash, a so-called “mixer” that lets crypto users anonymize their transactions. 

CONTINGENCY Maker is making contingency plans to execute an emergency shutdown should core contracts underpinning DAI, its stablecoin, be sanctioned by Washington, according to posts from MakerDAO founder, Rune Christensen, in the project’s Discord channels. “If we get nuked by the U.S. government, we simply die,” Christensen warned.

BLACKLIST The move to blacklist Tornado Cash, which the Feds say laundered $7B worth of virtual currency, has already rocked USDC, the No. 2 stablecoin in terms of market value. 

WALLETS On Tuesday, Centre, the consortium behind USDC, blacklisted 38 wallet addresses and froze the USDC tokens they held. Centre, which was set up by Circle and Coinbase, has now banned 81 wallet addresses in total since USDC was launched in September 2018.


Stablecoin Crackdown

🌪 Centre Bans USDC Addresses After Tornado Sanctions

Investors Eye Decentralized Stablecoins as Consortium Bars 38 Addresses

By Owen Fernau

NEWS Stablecoins are in the spotlight yet again. Centre, the consortium behind USDC, the world’s second-largest stablecoin, banned 38 addresses on Aug. 8. This means that the USDC tokens in those addresses are frozen and cannot be moved. 81 addresses have been banned in total.

DEPOSITS Centre’s move came in response to the US Department of the Treasury’s decision to sanction Tornado Cash, a protocol which facilitates private crypto transactions by using a set of smart contracts to commingle and mix user deposits. 

FREEZES Before Aug. 8, the Treasury had never sanctioned an open source protocol, wrote Circle founder Jeremy Allaire. Circle is a financial services company that founded Centre with Coinbase in 2018. Circle promotes a suite of products which involve USDC. The shockwaves from the asset freezes are rippling throughout DeFi. 


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Automate Your Layer 2 DeFi Positions

DeFi Saver launched on the two leading Layer 2 networks Arbitrum and Optimism, earlier this year with support for the Aave v3 protocol. Now the famous DeFi protocol aggregator continues to bring unique asset management features with its flagship automated leverage and liquidation protection feature available to users of both rollup networks.

Automation gives you peace of mind when managing positions in DeFi protocols. You just input your desired collateral to debt ratios, and it will automatically monitor your positions and make necessary adjustments, depending on the market conditions.

In adverse market conditions, automation will sell part of your collateral, deleverage, and keep your DeFi position safe from liquidation. In favorable, it will borrow and acquire more of the supplied asset increasing your leverage.

Optimism and Arbitrum support brings twofold benefits. Automation is no longer available only for sizable positions. You can now automate Aave v3 positions with just $500 of debt. And you can keep your positions safe from liquidation with drastically, up to 20x, reduced transaction fees. 

Carefree DeFi management is live on Arbitrum and Optimism.

Automate your DeFi positions and stop worrying about liquidations with DeFi Saver.

DeFi Governance

😤 Harmony Validators Decry Litany of Problems

Flawed Response to $100M Hack Exposes Crisis of Confidence in Layer 1

By Aleksandar Gilbert

PROPOSAL Last week, after near-universal condemnation, leaders of the Harmony blockchain scrapped their proposal to reimburse community members who lost money in a $100M hack in June.

STRUGGLING The Layer 1 network, which sports a $346M market cap and competes with other high-speed blockchains such as Solana, has been struggling to stabilize its situation ever since. 

REIMBURSE Now co-founder Stepehen Tse is offering a pair of new proposals. One would use the Harmony Foundation’s treasury to partially reimburse tokenholders over a period of months, and replenish its coffers by minting new ONE coins over several years. The other proposal would increase fees from transactions and fund reimbursement and “ecosystem growth.”

OPTIONS “The last few days we held many calls to discuss options and tradeoffs, engaging over 20 validators, 20 community members, and 15 bridge and DeFi partners,” Tse wrote in a governance forum debating the original proposal. “We sincerely value engaging and gathering support from our community, partners, validators, and their delegators.”



😳 Curve Finance Scrambles to Repel Exploit

DeFi Exchange Giant Says Attack Has Been Addressed

By yyctrader

NEWS Curve Finance, DeFi’s second-largest decentralized exchange with $6B in total value locked, has been hit by a frontend exploit. As of 530pm ET on Tuesday, the issue has been resolved, according to the Curve team.

PROTOCOL The Fixed Float exchange says it has frozen 112 ETH ($190,000) of the stolen funds. The protocol had earlier asked users not to interact with its website as the team investigates.


Web3 Social Media

🧐 Reddit Taps Layer 2 and FTX For Community Token

Social Media Giant to Launch Arbitrum-based ERC20 Tokens

By Aleksandar Gilbert

NEWS Arbitrum Nova, a Layer 2 blockchain that aims to improve the gaming and social media experience on Ethereum, debuted Tuesday alongside Reddit’s Community Points program.

TOKENS Reddit, the popular social media platform with 400M monthly users and hundreds of thousands of topic-specific communities known as “subreddits,” will enable its communities to issue Ethereum-based tokens known as Community Points. 

POLLS By setting rules that determine how its Community Points are allocated, a subreddit can encourage engagement and create polls that give added weight to dedicated, long-term users, according to the social media giant.


The Tube

📺 Tutorial: No Service or Creator Fees on sudoswap

DeFi Explainers

🎓 CeFi Versus DeFi: Which One Is Better?

A Guide to Comparing Centralized Finance and Decentralized Finance

By Rahul Nambiampurath

ACCESS Blockchain technology is well on its way to expanding financial access. Pioneered by Ethereum, smart contracts are a breakthrough innovation in computer science that treats finance in a permissionless and non-custodial manner. At the same time,  Bitcoin’s durability is demonstrating that a money system outside of central banking is possible. 

PRIVATE KEYS Yet blockchain technology can also be used in a permissioned manner. That means a central authority controls the protocol and makes important decisions on its operations. This includes holding your private keys. This is the essential difference between centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

NO BOARD Developed as a peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic payment system, Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized financial service. It has no board of directors to decide Bitcoin allocation or forbid anyone from accessing the Bitcoin network. Even the cryptocurrency’s creator, the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, is an unknown entity.



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