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Variant Doubles Down On AI Artist Botto

BottoDAO Sells 3.75M BOTTO Tokens From Its Treasury For $505,125

By: yyctrader

Variant Doubles Down On AI Artist Botto

Venture capital firm Variant has boosted its stake in Botto, the AI-powered decentralized autonomous artist. The move comes as Botto continues to gain global recognition for its innovative approach to art creation and its ability to challenge traditional notions of artistic legitimacy.


Created by German artist Mario Klingemann, Botto's AI generates thousands of fragments of artwork each week, and the community votes on the best pieces. These winning artworks are then minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and auctioned off on SuperRare.

The winning bid for the most recent auction was 5.16 ETH ($9,000), showing that the artwork remains sought after by collectors despite the ongoing NFT bear market.

Recent Botto Auctions
Recent Botto Auctions

The participation of the community in the decision-making process is a crucial aspect of Botto's development. Through the DAO, individuals can acquire and stake Botto coins, enabling them to vote and contribute to the platform's evolution.

Caleb Shough, a representative from Variant, expressed optimism about Botto's potential to serve as a model for other human-AI group deliberations in various areas, such as government and technology.

“The first AI creator with a legacy to preserve, we believe Botto is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in art, creation, and aesthetic philosophy,” he wrote.