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Crypto Tax Debate On Capitol Hill Signals Big Changes for DeFi

Taxing cryptocurrencies just picked up serious momentum, with potentially serious ramifications for DeFi.  The U.S. Senate’s $1 trillion infrastructure package now under consideration includes a provision that would tax transactions involving Bitcoin and its ilk to raise around $28 billion in funding. That means swapping

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Gitcoin Drops GTC Token to 25,500 Users; Now Worth More Than $100M

Gitcoin has been funding open source projects for a more decentralized web since 2017 and now it’s decentralizing itself. Yesterday the Ethereum-focused startup announced it will be now governed by a DAO and holders of its new token, GTC. The first step in this gradual

Ampleforth’s Forth Governance Token Rallies After Launch

Ampleforth, the rebasing token which aims to create a currency with stable purchasing power by programmatically managing supply, has launched its FORTH governance token. Anyone who has interacted with AMPL, the stable token, can claim FORTH tokens. The token, which was listed on Coinbase Pro

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1inch Fuels DeFi Airdrop Trend With Christmas Present

DEX aggregator 1inch surprised DeFi users with a holiday treat with the release of the 1INCH governance token on Christmas Eve. 1INCH features a total supply of 1.5B tokens, which unlocks every 6 months over the course of the next 4 years. Tokens were airdropped

Tornado Cash to Decentralize Governance Via TORN Token

Tornado Cash presented a governance proposal to incentivize use of the Ethereum-based privacy tool via a new token called TORN. Tornado Cash allows users to deposit a fixed amount of supported assets (ETH, USDC, DAI) and “wash it” through an anonymity pool. That deposited value


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