What Is A Layer 1 Network?

Although Bitcoin launched in early 2009, it took until 2017 for blockchains to go mainstream. And only in November 2021 – almost 12 years after Bitcoin’s launch – did crypto’s market cap peak at $2.9T. Bitcoin’s growth created immeasurable wealth and changed how society perceives money – and who controls its issuance. But along the …

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Are we unfairly ignoring Harmony ONE

Are We Unfairly Ignoring Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony is a sharded PoS smart contract platform. It also happens to be Robin’s first blockchain employer so he knows a little bit about it. It’s been growing an increasingly muscular TVL in DeFi thanks largely to DeFi Kingdoms, a gameified farming platform built around NFTs and the $JEWEL token. In this episode we take …

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