NFT Roundup: Floors Up 2X, Visa Apes In, and a Fidenza Sells for $3.3M

NFTs have pulled in huge money and a notable financial incumbent fan in the past couple days.  Investor appetite for NFT art and collectibles shows no signs of abating. Sales volumes on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, topped $100M for three consecutive days, a new

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ETH Burns and a Price Surge After EIP-1559 Executes

The Ethereum market is on fire, at least proverbially speaking. Over the first eight hours since EIP-1559 was implemented, thus changing the transaction fee mechanism of Ethereum, 2,458 ETH, or $6.9M at ETH’s current price of around $2.8K, had been burned.  The proposal, which went


Ethereum Price Rallies in Lead Up to EIP-1559

The price of Ethereum’s Ether has been rallying in the lead-up to the EIP-1559 upgrade. ETH crossed $2,500 for the first time since June 16 over the weekend — that’s a 47% increase from $1.7K on June 22, the lowest since hitting an all-time high

New DeFi Lending Protocol Alpha Homora is Quickly Catching Up

You know we’re heading into frothy markets when an otherwise unremarkable tweet sends a token flying.  Alpha Homora’s token ALPHA jumped by almost 50% to the highest since its launch in October after the DeFi project tweeted on Monday that 0.39% of ETH supply is


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