MetaMask Raking in ~$170k/Day Shows DeFi Wallets Work as Businesses

MetaMask is making about $170k per day thanks to its token swap feature, Tom Schmidt of Dragonfly Capital said in a tweet, which was later confirmed with data the wallet’s team published in a Dune Analytics dashboard. The decentralized wallet and most popular gateway to DeFi is processing between $15M and $20M in daily trading …

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MetaMask Adds Native Token Swaps

MetaMask, the most popular Ethereum wallet, is often used as a gateway to DeFi but today it becomes part of the growing financial ecosystem itself as it introduces the ability to swap tokens directly on the app. MetaMask will source its liquidity across decentralized exchanges and DEX aggregators with the aim of providing the best …

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Getting Started With DeFi

In this guide we’ll be helping you take your first steps into the boundless world of Decentralized Finance, better known as DeFi. DeFi is a growing movement which has the potential to democratize access to  financial services.  This emerging ecosystem is being built on global, public and distributed networks such as Ethereum, and uses smart …

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