MetaMask Posts Torrid Growth As Users Flock to Ethereum

Metamask has broken 10 million monthly active users, according to the blockchain infrastructure company ConsenSys. Metamask is the leading Ethereum wallet, working both in browsers and on mobile devices. It allows users to hold cryptocurrencies on Ethereum and compatible blockchains such as Polygon. Metamask also


What Will Change for Users and Developers After EIP-1559

Ethereum’s London hard fork upgrade, one of the biggest changes to the world’s most active blockchain, is slated to go into effect tomorrow August 5. With anticipation building about its effect on ETH and gas prices, here’s what users should expect. First and foremost, if

mm vs cb

Coinbase Wallet Could Give MetaMask a Run for Its Money

Coinbase Wallet has a new Chrome browser extension that will be competing directly with MetaMask, DeFi’s long-standing go-to browser wallet. Coinbase Wallet, which had previously only been available on mobile devices, is Coinbase’s non-custodial Web3 Wallet geared towards DeFi users (not to be confused with

MetaMask Mobile Users Get Single Swipe Trading

Ethereum wallet MetaMask introduced Swaps to their mobile app yesterday. The feature allows users to trade cryptocurrencies with a single swipe.  Swaps finds prices and network fees by combining data from automated market makers, professional market makers, request for quotes (RFQs), and individual decentralized exchanges


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