What Is Leveraged Yield Farming and How Can It Bring Higher Returns?

In DeFi, while it’s not necessarily true that bigger is always better, the beauty of a high APY never fails to turn heads. And regardless of how much higher DeFi yields are compared to traditional finance, there’s no shortage of DeFi users eager to maximize

Crypto Day Trading: Leveraged Yield Farming Strategies

Does leveraged yield farming sound intimidating? It’s understandable that some would feel that way. After all, leverage and yield strategies are tools that professional investors have been known to utilize, their inner workings esoteric to the every-day investor. Yet, with the growth of decentralized finance,

Leverage is Coming to Yearn Finance Via Alpha Homora Protocol

Yearn is getting another tool: leverage. Yearn Finance, pioneer of yield aggregation, has started what participants hope to be a synergistic relationship with DeFi project Alpha Homora by way of its partner projects, C.R.E.A.M. and Sushiswap.  Alpha Homora, a protocol which enables leverage for liquidity


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