First Uniswap ETP Goes Live as Institutional DeFi Products Proliferate

Institutional investors appear to be flocking into DeFi assets, with a flurry of institutional investment products offering…

Wall Street Swoons for Altcoins and the Drums Beat for Crypto ETFs: A DeFi Summer Roundup

Welcome to GDF’s FI Corner. We had a little break for the summer, but are back with…

There's Still a Chance the Goldman Sachs DeFi ETF Won't Track a Boomer Tech Index

Goldman Sachs’s proposed DeFi ETF has sparked speculation that the fund has more to do with boomer…

Love Dies Hard: Data Shows Institutions Still Sweet on BTC and Crypto

Welcome to the first Global Digital Finance x The Defiant column, bringing you the stories and discussions…

S&P Dow Jones Adds Bitcoin and Ether Indices With ETF Providers Lining Up

The S&P Dow Jones Indices, the maker of likely the most widely referenced indices in finance, has added three crypto indexes to its offerings. The firm added the S&P Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto Mega Cap––a combination of BTC and ETH––…



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