Ethereum Gas Costs


Sad Frog NFT Holders Furie-ous After OpenSea Delisting

A copyright battle is being waged in the NFT space.  On August 16, Sad Frogs District, a collection of 7,000 Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), was delisted from OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. According to the OpenSea team, the action was taken in response to a

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Something Fishy is Happening on OpenSea as Bots Upset NFT Auctions

The NFT marketplace OpenSea has been on a tear — at 14.61%, its primary smart contract has consumed more gas than any other on Ethereum in the last 24 hours, according to block explorer Etherscan. But there’s something strange going on in OpenSea’s waters. Ethereum wallets

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ETH Burns and a Price Surge After EIP-1559 Executes

The Ethereum market is on fire, at least proverbially speaking. Over the first eight hours since EIP-1559 was implemented, thus changing the transaction fee mechanism of Ethereum, 2,458 ETH, or $6.9M at ETH’s current price of around $2.8K, had been burned.  The proposal, which went


The Math Behind a Deflationary ETH After EIP-1559

There’s a bullish case for ETH, and it’s being defined by terms such as ultrasound money, triple-halving, and deflationary asset.  Ethereum’s London hard fork is set to execute on August 5 and the included EIP-1559 upgrade has been hailed by many as a game changer


What Will Change for Users and Developers After EIP-1559

Ethereum’s London hard fork upgrade, one of the biggest changes to the world’s most active blockchain, is slated to go into effect tomorrow August 5. With anticipation building about its effect on ETH and gas prices, here’s what users should expect. First and foremost, if


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