Aave V3 is About to Pass in Governance Vote

All signs point towards lending giant Aave getting a V3 soon. Voting is now live on Snapshot,…

New DeFi Lending Protocol Alpha Homora is Quickly Catching Up

You know we’re heading into frothy markets when an otherwise unremarkable tweet sends a token flying.  Alpha…

Yearn Overhauls Fee Structure in V2

Yearn Finance, the yield farming aggregator,  dropped its version two (V2) on Jan. 17, with a slew…

Opyn Aims for a More Liquid Options Market in Upgrade

Decentralized insurance platform, Opyn, announced the release of “Gamma Protocol,” second version of its options protocol. The…
Bancor Aims to Eliminate Impermanent Loss With Upgrade 

Bancor Aims to Eliminate Impermanent Loss With Upgrade 

Bancor has unveiled the next step in their new AMM design.The 2.1 release introduces an elastic BNT supply, used to cover impermanent loss for LPs through a mechanism called Liquidity Protection. The update builds on the ability to  add single-sided…



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