Derivatives Protocol Raises $3.75M in Sale of Governance Token

The Tracer Protocol has completed a sale of 50M TCR tokens for 3.75M DAI, giving its total supply a valuation of $75M at the sales end. It has since nearly doubled to $137M, according to CoinGecko. The auction ran for five days, ending on September


Lido Brings Liquid Staking to Solana, Its Third Blockchain

Staking assets on a blockchain helps to secure the network, but losing that liquidity can be painful for traders and investors. So the team behind the derivatives protocol, Lido, created a staking derivative that allows investors to stay liquid while also supporting the security of

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Coinbase Braces for SEC Action as Regulatory Crackdown on DeFi Intensifies 

 Less than a week after news broke that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating Uniswap, Coinbase, the publicly traded crypto exchange that’s become a bellwether for the burgeoning industry, said it expected to be sued by the agency in connection with its forthcoming

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Decentralized Exchanges Will Eventually Trade Everything: IOSG Report

This report was written by IOSG Ventures and published exclusively on The Defiant Early on, many believed DEXes would stand no chance against CEX giants in terms of cryptocurrency trading. How in the world could simple constant product AMM  replace the likes of Binance and


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