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Fantom’s Liquidity Mining Program Almost Doubled TVL in Three Days

Fantom’s liquidity mining program is once more showcasing the power incentives can have in markets as total value locked in the smart contract chain’s DeFi projects has nearly doubled in the three days since offering token rewards. TVL on Fantom soared by 80% to $990M

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Layer 1 Player Avalanche Offers $180M in Incentives to Woo Defiers

Layer 1 blockchains are making extraordinary offers to attract DeFi protocols and juice liquidity.  It was Harmony earlier this week, and now it’s Avalanche. The Avalanche Foundation is offering $180M in liquidity mining incentives to bring more apps into its DeFi ecosystem.  The first recipients?

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Balancer’s New Kind of Pool Enters Battle for Crypto Liquidity

Automated portfolio manager Balancer introduced a new mechanism to improve capital efficiency for liquidity providers as it aims to take a larger bite of the interest-bearing token market. Balancer’s so-called metastable pools have a  “nesting” feature, facilitating cheap swaps between one pool’s tokens and those

Harmony One Invites Curve and Aave to Join its Blockchain

Five months after opening the door to SushiSwap, Harmony One is inviting more major DeFi apps to hop on its blockchain.   Harmony One, one of a handful of platforms that uses sharded proof-of-stake for consensus, wants Curve Finance, the automated market maker, and Aave, the

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DAOs Will be Ready the Next Time Washington Comes After Crypto

It didn’t take long for DeFi’s rank-and-file to mobilize after the U.S. Senate ran roughshod over the community’s concerns last week. An array of players in decentralized finance are now marshaling forces to stand up for the industry. On Friday, August 13, the decentralized autonomous


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