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New York’s Downtown Art Scene Embraces NFTs with Online Auction Site

If Jean-Michel Basquiat were still alive, he probably would have loved NFTs. And the American painter who captured the hip-hop, graffiti zeitgeist of 1980s’ New York probably would have been all over a new venture called ArtOfficial. Backed by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and developed

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Christie’s to Accept Live Bids in ETH for Art Blocks NFTs

Wall Street and Washington may be in a panic about the advent of a crypto world. But not the venerable institutions in fine art — they love DeFi.   Case in point: Christie’s, the 254-year-old auction house, announced this week that it will handle the sale

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48,000% Returns? Popping the Hood on NFT Mania

On-Chain Markets Update by Lucas Outumuro, IntoTheBlock NFT mania continues to grow, with new drops popping up everyday and Ethereum’s gas prices consistently back above triple digits. The recent wave into NFTs was further amplified by Visa’s acquisition of a CryptoPunk and Budweiser’s buy of


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