The Ethereum Merge: All Your Qs Answered by EF Researcher Justin Drake

This week on The Defiant podcast we speak to Justin Drake.

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The Ethereum Merge: All Your Qs Answered by EF Researcher Justin Drake

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Justin is a researcher for the Ethereum foundation. He is also front and center of the biggest upcoming change to happen in Ethereum’s short history by transitioning from proof of work to proof of stake, commonly known as The Merge. A major engineering feat for what is the most active Blockchain in Crypto. So how exactly will the merge work and why does it matter?

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So now we understand more of what merge is all about, what exactly is Justin’s story? How did Justin go from starting out in this space to becoming one of the faces for the Eth merge? Having been in crypto since early adoption and transitioning from Bitcoin to Ethereum, what is Justin’s story to date? And beyond, what are the next steps before the merge happens, what does it look like?

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Moving from proof of work to proof of stake naturally will shift the running of Ethereum, but how does it affect its users once the final tests are complete? How will it change the user activity or is it really as simple as swapping an engine out of a car? What happens to the old proof of work engine, and what are the risks for users?

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So we know have been educated on the short term future of Ethereum but what about the long term roadmap? For years we have seen scalability as the main source of frustration for users on Ethereum. However, as detailed, there will only be marginal improvements in scalability related to the merge. Scalability will come from elsewhere. So what is the roadmap in this and the wider Ethereum ecosystem?