🪂Weekly Recap: STRK Claims Title Of Largest Airdrop Ever

Happy weekend Defiers!

Cryptocurrencies rallied to fresh multi-year highs early in the week, with ETH trading above $3,000 and BTC tagging $52,900 for the first time in 22 months and 26 months, respectively. However, the markets quickly found resistance at the local price highs, with bears now threatening to dictate the next market move as digital assets consolidate.

Uniswap’s UNI governance token surged 60% on Friday after a proposal was floated by the Uniswap Foundation to turn on the protocol’s ‘fee switch.’ If passed, UNI stakers would be able to claim a portion of trading fees generated by Ethereum’s leading DEX.

Worldcoin was among the week’s top gainers after the price of WLD surged by more than double. The move comes as World App surpassed 1M in daily users for the first time.