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The BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUILD) is off to a strong start, with the product sucking up a quarter of a billion dollars from investors in its first week. BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, also indicated that Ethereum copping a securities designation would not deter its spot Ether ETF ambitions.

In other news, a court ruled that the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase will move forward, Arbitrum and Azuki teamed up to launch a chain hosting the Azuki ecosystem, and Altlayer launched staking for its ALT token.

Plus, Ethena Labs announced its airdrop will kick off on April 2, coinciding with Mantle surging after unveiling a platform allowing MNT holders to earn Ethena Shards.

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  • BlackRock’s tokenized fund enjoys surging growth
  • BlackRock reaffirms spot Ether ETF ambitions
  • SEC’s Coinbase lawsuit will progress
  • Arbitrum and Azuki to launch new chain
  • AltLayer launches staking
  • Ethena confirms airdrop
  • Mantle rallies from Ethena Shards offering


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💵 BlackRock’s Tokenized Treasuries Fund BUIDL Sucks Up $245M In First Week


Institutional investors have injected $245 million into the tokenized treasuries fund from BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, during its debut week. The fund’s success has propelled the combined market cap of on-chain U.S. treasuries funds to all-time highs above $875 million.

🔨 BlackRock Would Still Pursue Spot Ether ETF If Ethereum Cops Securities Designation

In an appearance on Fox Business, Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, said his company’s spot Ether ETF ambitions would not be dashed if the SEC classified Ethereum as a security. Fink’s comments come as analysts are increasingly skeptical of the chances that spot Ether ETFs will begin trading before June.

⚖️ U.S. Judge Rules SEC Lawsuit Against Coinbase Can Move Forward

A U.S. judge ruled that the SEC’s lawsuit accusing Coinbase of operating as an unregistered securities broker will proceed. Judge Katherine Polk said the SEC “adequately alleges” that Coinbase’s staking program facilitated the unlicensed offer and sale of securities.

🤝 Arbitrum and Azuki Join Forces to Create New Anime Blockchain

The Ethereum L2 network, Arbitrum, and NFT collection, Azuki, are teaming up to launch AnimeChain, a new network that will host Azuki’s anime-themed ecosystem. The floor price of Azuki NFTs is up 38% in the past week.



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🥩 AltLayer Launches ALT Staking

AltLayer, the restaked rollup provider, unveiled a staking feature for ALT holders. The price of ALT rallied to a record high above $0.67 in response to the news.

🪂 Ethena Labs Announces Airdrop Date of Native Token ENA

Ethena Labs, the project behind the novel yield-bearing USDe token, has announced it will launch an airdrop for early adopters on April 2. The drop will distribute 5% of ENA’s maximum supply.

⬆️ Mantle Launches Rewards Portal With Ethena Shards Up For Grabs

Mantle is distributing Ethena points, also called Shards, to MNT token holders using its new Rewards Station platform. MNT is up 30% in a couple of days in response to the news and a listing KuCoin, a top Korean centralized exchange.


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  • Crypto losses due to hacks and scams hit $336 million in Q1: Immunefi (The Block)
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