⚠️Security Researchers Slam CertiK Audits

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Security experts are speaking out against CertiK after the auditor’s controversial “research” into a vulnerability in the Kraken centralized exchange. Kraken accused the CertiK of holding $3 million it siphoned from the exchange “hostage” to negotiate a bug bounty, shaking confidence in the auditor.

The Arbitrum DAO is readying to diversify 35 million ARB into on-chain real-world assets (RWAs). Arbitrum’s STEP Committee said it plans for the DAO to invest 1% of its treasury into RWAs every year.

Plus, Mark Cuban offloads his NFT collection, the Solana Foundation releases developer tooling targeting mainstream adoption, and markets pull back as Mt. Gox announces plans to repay billions in Bitcoin next month.

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  • Security experts throw shade at CertiK
  • Arbitrum DAO targets RWA diversification
  • Mark Cuban lists $100K in NFTs for sale
  • Solana Foundation releases Actions and Blinks
  • Crypto markets brace for Mt. Gox repayments


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👀Former Certik Clients Question Security Firm’s Stronghold On Protocol Audits


Security researchers are speaking out against CertiK after the controversy surrounding its employees siphoning $3 million from Kraken and allegedly ransoming the exchange for a bug bounty. Experts note that many projects audited by CertiK later suffered exploits, calling the company’s professionalism into question.

💰Arbitrum DAO Plans To Invest $29M Worth Of ARB Into On-Chain RWAs

The committee behind Arbitrum’s Stable Treasury Endowment Program has finalized plans to invest 35 million ARB ($29 million) into on-chain real-world assets. The STEP Committee hopes Aribtrum’s DAO will invest 1% of its treasury assets into RWA every year.



ZkVerify is a dedicated zero-knowledge proof verification network designed for settlement optimization, built by Horizen Labs.

zkVerify is uniquely architected as the first modular solution for the settlement layer that collapses security costs by decoupling proof verification from settlement on L1s.

Horizen Labs estimates $47 million was spent on proof verification in 2023 for zkrollups on Ethereum alone, and industry studies anticipate zk proof generation will become a $10 billion market by the year 2030. zkVerify removes the cost and complexity of computationally intensive proof verification for developers building with zkrollups. At the outset, zkVerify can be used to verify proofs on Ethereum and Bitcoin with a 90%+ cost reduction, and will rapidly expand to support multiple blockchain architectures.


🗑️Mark Cuban Wants To Offload $100K In NFTs

Mark Cuban, the celebrity investor and billionaire, has returned to web3 to offload from his NFT collection. Cuban broke two years of inactivity to sell 14 NFTs for $38,500, in addition to listing two Pudgy Penguins and Hashtag tokens for $66,000 combined.

🔧Solana Foundation Launches New Developer Tooling To Promote Mainstream Adoption

The Solana Foundation has launched two new tools for developers in a bid to entice mainstream adoption. “Actions” allow developers to integrate blockchain transactions into websites, social media, and QR codes, while blockchain links (Blinks) allow Actions to be formatted as sharable links.



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📉Crypto Markets Plummet on Mt. Gox Repayment Fears

Digital assets suffered significant drawdowns in response to Mt. Gox announcing plans to repay creditors next month. The distribution will result in 142,000 BTC ($8.72 billion) entering the markets.


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