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Blast’s long-awaited airdrop is now live. The project airdropped 17% of the BLAST supply to early developers and users, with 50% of the token’s supply earmarked for community allocations in total.

CertiK continues to find itself at the center of controversy. OpenBounty, a bug bounty aggregator associated with CertiK, is facing accusations of front-running security reports to claim bounties for itself.

Also, the DoJ sentences HYDRO execs for securities fraud, a Republican Congressman wants to allow U.S. citizens to pay income taxes with BTC, Rainbow Wallet launches ETH rewards, Unstoppable Domains supports tokenized .coms, and digital assets briefly rebound.

Plus, AssangeDAO spent 11,000 ETH to support Julian Assange’s legal defense.

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  • Blast debuts at $420M market cap
  • OpenBounty accused of front-running bug bounties
  • DoJ sentences crypto execs with securities fraud
  • Congress mulls bill proposing income tax payments in BTC
  • Rainbow Wallet is distributing ETH rewards to users
  • Unstoppable Marketplace launches
  • Digital assets post short-lived bounce
  • AssangeDAO celebrates Julian Assange’s release


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The PayPal stablecoin PYUSD is live on Solana. PayPal has over two decades of payments experience, and is now making low-cost, high-throughput web3 payments possible through the PYUSD on Solana launch. Learn about PYUSD on Solana and start building the future of payments.

PayPal, Inc. is licensed to engage in virtual currency business activity by the New York State Department of Financial Services.


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🪂Long-Awaited BLAST Token Drops At $420M Market Cap


Blast’s long-awaited token debuted today with a $420 million market cap. The project airdropped 17% of BLAST’s supply to early users and developers. Blast also launched its four-month “Phase 2” incentives campaign, stating it hopes to become a full-stack chain during the second phase of its development.

⚠️CertiK Accused Of Front-Running Bug Bounties Through Subsidiary

CertiK continues to attract controversy, with OpenBounty, a bug bounty aggregation platform operating on the rebranded CertiK Chain, accused of front-running its users. On-chain researchers flagged the platform, noting that its API appears to operate through a CertiK subdomain.

⚖️DoJ Sentences HYDRO Founders In First Ruling That A Cryptocurrency Is A Security

The U.S. Department of Justice has sentenced two executives behind Hydro Technology in its first ruling finding that a crypto token comprises a security. The DoJ ruled that the pair committed securities fraud by manipulating the price of HYDRO with wash-trading and spoof orders.

📄Republican Congressman Introduces Bill To Allow Federal Tax Payments in Bitcoin

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz introduced a bill that would allow U.S. citizens to pay federal taxes using BTC. “By enabling taxpayers to use Bitcoin for federal tax payments, we can promote innovation, increase efficiency, and offer more flexibility to American citizens,” Gaetz said.



ZkVerify is a dedicated zero-knowledge proof verification network designed for settlement optimization, built by Horizen Labs.

zkVerify is uniquely architected as the first modular solution for the settlement layer that collapses security costs by decoupling proof verification from settlement on L1s.

Horizen Labs estimates $47 million was spent on proof verification in 2023 for zkrollups on Ethereum alone, and industry studies anticipate zk proof generation will become a $10 billion market by the year 2030. zkVerify removes the cost and complexity of computationally intensive proof verification for developers building with zkrollups. At the outset, zkVerify can be used to verify proofs on Ethereum and Bitcoin with a 90%+ cost reduction, and will rapidly expand to support multiple blockchain architectures.


🌈Rainbow WalIet Introduces ETH Rewards Program

Rainbow, a multi-chain wallet, has launched an incentive program distributing ETH to its top 1,000 users on a weekly basis. Rainbow introduced a points program to promote adoption in December.

📊Unstoppable Domains Launches Marketplace Supporting ‘.com’ Tokenization

Unstoppable Domains has launched a marketplace allowing users to trade web3 domains. The platform also supports the tokenization and trade of “.com” domains.

📈Crypto Markets Bounce After Rough Monday

Digital assets posted a minor bounce on Tuesday after a bearish start to the week. However, the recovery was short-lived, with the combined crypto market cap falling by 1% over the 24 hours.

’The Crypto Community Effectively Freed Julian Assange,’ Says AssangeDAO Lawyer

The AssangeDAO is celebrating Julian Assange traveling home to Australia after entering a plea deal with the United States. AssangeDAO mobilized more than 11,000 ETH of its 17,422 ETH in donations to support Assange’s legal defense.


  • U.S. State Department Offers New $5M Reward for Missing ‘Cryptoqueen’ (CoinDesk)
  • Cardano outsmarts DDoS attacker who ends up funding network improvements (CryptoSlate)
  • USDT stablecoin supply on TON blockchain crosses 500 million (The Block)
  • Ethereum Core Developer Floats Proposal for Execution Layer Cross-Validation (Unchained)


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