Linea is a new ZK Rollup from ConsenSys, but how is it different from the others?

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Nicolas Liochon is the Global Lead for Linea, which is a new zkEVM rollup by Consensys. Rollups play a crucial role in scaling Ethereum as they reduce computational load on the main network by processing transactions off-chain.

The two prominent rollups currently available on Ethereum are ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups, and Linea is the latest ZK Rollup to launch.

In our conversation, we will explore how Linea sets itself apart in the already highly competitive Ethereum Layer 2 landscape. But first, we will begin our conversation with an introduction to Linea by Nicolas.

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7 Key Takeaways

  1. Linea is a zkEVM working at the bytecode level, interpreting the bytecode as it is compiled by existing compilers. People using the existing tools, developing on Ethereum Layer 1 can use Linea directly without any changes or minor changes.
  2. For Linea, Zk is the most trustless and secure solution because all knowledge is on layer 1, if the L1 says that the state change is correct, it’s finished. Anyone can verify the change. In Optimistic roll-ups, you update the state on L1, but maybe the state is not valid, there's a period of time, usually one week when it’s not finished.
  3. Linea successfully has today 47 million transactions executed on testnet with 5.5 million different addresses. And it’s 15 to 25 times less expensive than Layer 1.
  4. Linea is designed for serving diversified applications including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, Identity, and new ones that may see these use cases interact and empower each other in ways we don't imagine yet.
  5. The Ecosystem Investment Alliance is a program that aims to support builders and projects by connecting them with investment opportunities and other resources, creating a cooperative environment to empower the development of Linea.
  6. Layer 2 scalability relies on Layer 1 data availability and the rollups adding more execution capability. The EIP 4844 which is planned for the end of the year, will improve data availability on L1 unlocking L2's potential scalability.
  7. From July 17th at Ethcc, everyone will be able to start using Linea. On they will have all the information, and the testnet is there to play with all the applications on mainnet.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:38 Linea zkEVM launch and basics
  • 05:47 Zk roll-ups vs. Optimistic roll-ups
  • 09:48 Linea Alpha release by the numbers
  • 14:14 Unlocking Layer 2’s capabilities
  • 16:00 Linea diversified applications and a multichain vision
  • 30:44 The Ecosystem Investment Alliance
  • 34:46 Professional Background
  • 36:46 Long-Term Vision


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