Blockchain Capital's Spencer Bogart on the Future of Crypto and DeFi

The Defiant


Today, we're diving deep into the mind of Spencer Bogart, who is a partner at Blockchain Capital.

Spencer has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of decentralized technologies and digital assets over the last decade.

We get into his journey impact in the blockchain sector, their investment thesis around the controversial WorldCoin, how he's continued to thrive among many economic downturns, and we get into their recent news of a $580 million for two new funds.

But first, Spencer tells us about the history of the firm.

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7 Key Takeaways

1-The firm has been focused on venture investments in the blockchain industry for the past 10 years. The founders started with a vision that the industry would expand beyond Bitcoin into other networks and assets and initially launched the venture capital firm with no fees

2-Blockchain Capital initially gained traction by appealing to early industry founders, offering them exposure to companies in the industry. This approach helped build a network and foster collaboration

3-New Fund announcements totaling $580 million. One fund focuses on early-stage investments (seed or series A), while the other targets mid to late-stage opportunities, anticipating opportunities in market dislocations.

4-Optimism in the Crypto Space, indicators such as developer activity, smart contract deployment, and progress in scaling solutions. They believe that the growth will exceed expectations.

5-DeFi as a Canary: The interviewee views DeFi as a leading indicator for the broader crypto industry. They emphasize the importance of user ownership, control, and governance, which are key components of DeFi.

6-Excitement About Layer 2 Solutions: There’s a significant increase in Ethereum's throughput due to Layer 2 solutions and they expect further growth in this area. Layer 2 solutions are seen as a positive development for blockchain applications' scalability and user experience.

7-About WorldCoin, iris scanning, and identity verification, they came up with a solution to the challenges of distributing an asset to everyone in the world, and iris scanning was chosen as a privacy-preserving method for unique identification.

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00:44 About the History of this OG Fund

03:44 Big News: The New Fund

06:08 The Crypto Industry

25:40 A Macro Picture

29:00 Bitcoin: What do you think is next?

30:46 What are you most excited about in the L2 space?

37:37 The NFT Sector

41:06 The DeFi Sector

43:33 Leading a $150 million round for WorldCoin

56:22 How are you defiant?


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