Meet The Capital of Crypto

An in-depth exploration of the Turkish crypto landscape, providing a thorough understanding of the current state of cryptocurrency adoption, trends, regulations, and market dynamics in Türkiye.

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Türkiye sits in a vital geopolitical location straddling both Europe and Asia. Socioeconomically, it’s navigating the dichotomy between a traditional economy and a blossoming digital revolution across various industries. Today, with a population higher than Germany's and the 17th largest economy in the world, modern day Türkiye is no stranger to the global stage.

Yet, beyond its G20 membership and a growing economy, Türkiye also grapples with significant headwinds. Soaring inflation, drastic devaluation of the Lira, growing debts, natural disasters like the recent earthquakes, and the rising cost of living due to global energy prices. These all contribute to the current reality on the ground, which some have argued could risk reversing the significant poverty reduction they’ve achieved in recent years. So what drives crypto adoption in Türkiye?


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2:56 Driving Crypto Adoption

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45:06 The Capital of Crypto