Zignaly, Now ZIGDAO, Publishes Whitepaper Outlining a New Way Forward for Investment Management

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Zignaly, Now ZIGDAO, Publishes Whitepaper Outlining a New Way Forward for Investment Management

British Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, September 27th, 2023, Chainwire

ZIGDAO approach will address the challenges of the fund management industry head-on

Decentralized social investing marketplace Zignaly has undergone an evolution, becoming ZIGDAO, a community-focused platform powered by AI algorithms. In a new whitepaper, ZIGDAO details its philosophies on traditional finance, and outlines the persistent barriers to crypto adoption, as well as how to overcome them.

Its transformation will empower its community like never before, representing a true revolution in investing and introducing entirely new forms of social value exchange between people, groups, and organizations.

As this sector exists today, the traditional investment and fund management industry face several critical barriers to accessibility, efficiency, and profitability. These include excessive complexity, a lack of objective fund manager evaluation, and limited monetization options for fund managers, among others. In its whitepaper, ZIGDAO lays out how its protocol will help the industry break through these challenges through a comprehensive ecosystem approach.

The ZIGDAO Ecosystem is built around profit-sharing technology, streamlining collaboration between investors and fund managers. It eliminates the hassles of accounting, transparency, and fund management, and its Z-Score AI rating algorithm helps investors and fund managers choose the right services for them based on risk profile.

Another stool leg to ZIGDAO’s evolution is its latest rollout, Z-Prime, which has offerings across 3 different categories to serve everyone from individual everyday crypto traders to crypto hedge funds to high net-worth individuals.

The whitepaper also goes into depth about ZIGDAO’s revenue model, and breaks down how success fees, white-label solutions like Z-Prime, treasury management, and trading fees rebates will continually drive value across the ecosystem.

ZIGDAO also provides a detailed overview of its technology, including its upcoming DeFi capabilities, advanced AI-powered analytics, and other advancements that will help traders improve performance and allow fund managers to create optimized, data-driven portfolios.

Also included in the whitepaper is a thorough review of ZIGDAO’s roadmap through 2024, outlining its journey towards becoming a true DAO and democratizing global investing.

To learn more about how ZIGDAO is making investment management more accessible, efficient, and profitable for all, download the whitepaper today.

About Zignaly

Zignaly (now ZIGDAO), is a Social Investment Platform for the new generation, connecting the World’s best Fund Managers with Digital Asset Investors. Zignaly provides a marketplace where over 500,000 users connect with more than 150 veteran Portfolio Managers who manage $125 Million+ for a share in the profit. Recognized by Binance and partnered with some of the top players in the Digital Assets Space, Zignaly has scaled from 20,000 to more than half a million users in a single year.


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