Zeus Network Reveals Angel Investor Lineup: Featuring Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko, Mechanism Capital Co-Founder Andrew Kang, and Stacks Co-Creator Muneeb Ali

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Zeus Network Reveals Angel Investor Lineup: Featuring Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko, Mechanism Capital Co-Founder Andrew Kang, and Stacks Co-Creator Muneeb Ali

New York, United States, March 12th, 2024, Chainwire

In a significant development, Zeus Network has reached a crucial phase in the launch of its $ZEUS token, a milestone underpinned by the unwavering support of its community. The network has announced the participation in the Jupiter LFG Launchpad voting process, highlighting the strategic importance of community involvement.

Esteemed Angel Investors Back Zeus Network

Zeus Network proudly unveils a lineup of respected angel investors who have shown their trust and belief in the project's vision to position Solana as a leading blockchain platform globally. This esteemed group includes:

Their backing underscores the confidence in Zeus Network's strategy and its potential to drive blockchain innovation.

Zeus Network Featured in Jupiter LFG Launchpad

Zeus Network emerged as a lead candidate in the Jupiter LFG Launchpad, an initiative by Jupiter, the premier DEX on Solana. This platform acted as a crucial governance tool, allowing Jupiter holders to vote on which projects should launch first, signifying Zeus Network's strategic position in enhancing Bitcoin and Solana interoperability. Our project secured the first place on the Jupiter LFG launchpad vote, with a total of 204,000 unique addresses participation, collectively staking 218,090,492 JUP, with 58% voting in favor of Zeus (117,318,490). The campaign has concluded successfully.

Ambitious Goals for Cross-Chain Liquidity

Zeus Network aims to unlock the vast potential of Bitcoin's value through innovative technology, striving for significant cross-chain liquidity and broader blockchain integration. Founder Justin Wang articulates the vision to not only capture Bitcoin's market value but also to extend Zeus Network's technological applications to numerous blockchains, promoting a versatile and interconnected ecosystem.

Introducing APOLLO: Pioneering Native BTC Staking

A cornerstone of the Zeus ecosystem, APOLLO, represents the network's first dApp enabling native BTC staking. This initiative paves the way for a 1:1 pegged zBTC on Solana, opening up opportunities for lending, borrowing, and yield generation for BTC across various DeFi platforms.

Tokenomics and Community Engagement


Zeus Network outlines a balanced token allocation strategy, ensuring equitable distribution among early backers, the foundation reserve, the team, advisors, and launchpad participants. This approach facilitates sustained ecosystem growth and community engagement.

  • Ecosystem and Community Growth (45%): 10% at TGE, followed by a 12-month cliff
  • Foundation Reserve (20%): 10% at TGE, with a 12-month cliff
  • Team (15%): 15-month cliff followed by 15 months of vesting
  • Early Backers (10%): 5% at TGE, 3-month cliff, followed by 15 months of vesting
  • Launchpad (5%): 100% at TGE
  • Advisors (5%): 5% at TGE, 6-month cliff, followed by 15 months of vesting

About Zeus Network

Zeus Network stands as a pioneering force in blockchain technology, dedicated to bridging the gap between Bitcoin and Solana. By facilitating seamless and permissionless communication between these two leading cryptocurrencies, Zeus Network not only enhances their interoperability but also significantly expands their utility across the DeFi landscape. With a commitment to innovation and a robust community of supporters, Zeus Network is on a mission to revolutionize blockchain technology, making it more accessible, efficient, and versatile.

Users can join Zeus Network's Vibrant Community and Impact the Future of Blockchain.

With an active community of over 55,000 members on Discord and a substantial Twitter following, Zeus Network invites blockchain enthusiasts to join its mission. As the network gears up for the Jupiter DAO vote, it calls for community support to realize its vision of seamless blockchain interoperability.

For more information and to stay updated on Zeus Network's progress, including details on how to participate in the Jupiter DAO vote, visit the following links:


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