Wormhole Foundation, Borderless Capital, and Outlier Ventures Launch The Wormhole Base Camp Cohort

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Wormhole Foundation, Borderless Capital, and Outlier Ventures Launch The Wormhole Base Camp Cohort

London, United Kingdom, February 14th, 2024, Chainwire

  • The Wormhole Base Camp is a Web3 accelerator program backed by Borderless Capital and run by Outlier Ventures and Wormhole Foundation, with a focus on supporting early stage Web3 founders.
  • The Wormhole Base Camp selected six startups looking to build applications, products, protocols, or companies that utilise Wormhole’s cross-chain messaging protocol.
  • The 12-week virtual accelerator program will include workshops with subject matter experts from Outlier Ventures, a group of core contributors to Wormhole’s messaging protocol, mentorship from industry experts, and a $200,000 USD investment from Borderless Capital for participating teams.

Today, Wormhole Foundation, the steward of the leading interoperability platform empowering development and growth across blockchains, and Outlier Ventures, the leading global Web3 accelerator, announced the selected six teams taking part in the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator program. The teams will receive a capital investment through the Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund, managed and operated by Borderless Capital, a leading venture capital firm in the Web3 space.

The Wormhole Base Camp carefully selected six Web3 startups focused on unlocking the full potential of the Wormhole platform to assist developers in leveraging Wormhole’s interoperability solutions. Wormhole Foundation, Borderless Capital, and Outlier Ventures are pleased to present the six teams taking part in the program: Intentify, Lucidity, Seshat, Scholes, Temporal, and Zoth.

Throughout the duration of the program, Outlier Ventures and Wormhole contributors will provide bespoke support tailored to each startup’s needs, supporting teams across segments, including Cross-chain Liquidity, Cross-chain Infrastructure, Data and Payments, and Cross-chain Decentralized Identity (DID).

Robinson Burkey, Co-Founder and CCO at Wormhole Foundation, said: “The Wormhole Foundation aims to make building multichain as easy and secure as possible. We believe the multichain future is not only inevitable, it is here. The teams coming out of Wormhole Base Camp will be a part of the next generation of applications and protocols and we couldn’t be more excited to support them.”

Alpen Sheth, Partner, Borderless Capital, said: “At Borderless, we strongly believe that the future is cross-chain and are thrilled to back this exceptional cohort of teams in partnership with Outlier Ventures and Wormhole Foundation. These teams consist of remarkable founders from around the world who are collectively working towards leveraging secure cross-chain interoperability for better serving users, developers and institutions. We are excited to collaborate further with each team during the upcoming weeks of Base Camp and look forward to the launch of this new generation of products and protocols.”

The teams will also receive support from Outlier Ventures and Wormhole’s experts on their product roadmap, community building, entity structuring, and more. The teams will also have direct access and support from a network of leading mentors from within the Web3 industry and investors to help support their future fundraising focus. At the end of the program, the founders will take part in a virtual Demo Day to gain greater visibility among the broader Web3 investor community.

Elliot Leimer, Outlier Ventures’ Wormhole Base Camp Program Manager, said: “We are really excited to be announcing the teams that are joining us on the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator program. The six teams are leading the way in building truly cross-chain applications leveraging the Wormhole tech stack, and we can’t wait to see how they progress throughout the program.”

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Meet the cohort

Intentify, (Germany)

Intentify is the intent-centric middle layer for dApps.

Intentify is an intent-centric middle layer for building powerful dApps with optimised UX. Their abstraction layer between the base protocol and application layer reduces complexity and costs for developers through programmable intents and enables fully decentralized applications with Web2-like features and user experience.

Lucidity, (India)

Lucidity is a cross-chain money market aggregator.

Lucidity is a cross-chain money markets aggregator that stitches DeFi leveraged liquidity together. The protocol is powered by an in-house recommendation engine that will allow users to discover the most efficient and risk-optimised leverage positions in DeFi. The product features account abstraction and a mix of UX features such as auto-refinance, liquidation prevention, fund routing, etc., allowing users to navigate lending/CDP protocols across chains through a single interface.

Seshat, (Canada)

Bringing predictive features to the Web3 infrastructure.

Seshat provides a foundational bundle that includes an enterprise-grade, low-latency blockchain data provider, along with a suit of predictive model keepers and runners, designed to simplify the complex tasks of on-chain data and predictive model engineering for Web3 applications, offering a streamlined and efficient abstraction layer.

Scholes, (USA)

Scholes enables user-priced options minting and trading with optimal liquidity through aggregation.

Scholes is an orderbook based options trading protocol that allows its participants to set their price for their options. Scholes also aggregates liquidity from other protocols so that users can get the best possible execution and liquidity for their trades.

Temporal, (India)

Institutional grade liquidity layer for yield markets.

Temporal provides a shared omnichain vAMM. Empowering users to participate in Yield Trading, Interest Rate Swaps, or On-Chain Bond Market, among others, thanks to a proprietary design of a continuous yield curve. We enable DeFi users to operate at the theoretical limit of efficiency.

Zoth, (Singapore)

Bridging liquidity across TradFi and Onchain Fi - one RWA at a time

Zoth is an ecosystem that connects liquidity and RWAs across Traditional Finance and Onchain Finance. The inaugural offering, ZOTH - Fixed Income (ZOTH-FI), is an Institutional Grade Fixed Income Marketplace bringing RWAs such as Cross Border Trade Finance, TBills, and Sovereign Bonds.


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