Websea Labs Launches $100M Builder Program - Season 3- Unveiling New Opportunities in GameFi and DeFi

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Websea Labs Launches $100M Builder Program - Season 3- Unveiling New Opportunities in GameFi and DeFi

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, March 29th, 2024, Chainwire

In October 2023, Websea's ecosystem investment institution, Websea Labs, was officially established. Over the past 5 months, it has achieved deep cooperation with several public chains such as Arbitrum, Polygon, Sol, through exploration and support, through various methods such as incubation, investment, and acquisition. In 2024, Websea Labs will focus on incubating projects in the GameFi and DePIN fields, with plans to incubate 10 applications in each field.

Websea Labs offers a wide range of services and welcomes outstanding teams to join this endeavor:

1. Industry-specific Market Research: In-depth analysis of the latest trends, technological developments, use cases, regulatory environment, and their impact on the blockchain industry. Research includes but is not limited to cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), etc.

2. Blockchain Business Model Guidance: Guidance on how startups can build innovative business models based on blockchain technology, including tokenomics design, market positioning of blockchain solutions, etc.

3. Technical Support and Development Guidance: Providing professional consultation on blockchain technology, including smart contract development, blockchain platform selection, cryptography, data security, etc.

4. Blockchain Project Financing Strategy: Assisting companies in formulating financing plans for blockchain projects, including strategies for IEOs, STOs, or traditional financing methods.

5. Legal and Compliance Support: Given the complex and dynamic legal environment of the blockchain industry, providing professional legal advice to help companies navigate regulatory frameworks in different countries and regions.

6. Marketing and Community Building: Assisting companies in building their brands in the blockchain community, devising marketing strategies, including social media marketing, community management, event marketing, etc.

7. Talent Recruitment and Team Building: Assisting companies in recruiting professional talents in the blockchain field, such as blockchain developers, project managers, marketing, and community operations, etc.

8. Partner and Ecosystem Development: Connecting various types of partners within the blockchain ecosystem, including blockchain projects, developer communities, investors, advisors, etc., to facilitate resource sharing within the ecosystem.

9. Continuous Coaching and Operational Support: Providing ongoing business coaching and operational support to help companies address the rapid changes and challenges in the blockchain industry.

10. Global Expansion Support: Assisting companies in assessing and entering international markets, providing cross-border cooperation and market expansion strategies.

Websea Labs, as a rising player in the investment, financing, and incubation field, adopts a cautious yet precise approach. The rotation and transition of tracks require careful consideration, but focusing on emerging technologies and innovative applications such as blockchain and AI is a crucial move for Websea to expand its ecosystem and enhance its industry influence. Through continuous independent research and project investment incubation, Websea Labs will accelerate the development and maturity of the entire Websea ecosystem. Let us look forward to more achievements from Websea Labs together!

About Websea

Websea is a digital asset trading platform for global youth. They prioritize safety and security for users with dual-account security, intelligent copy trading, and AI-driven risk management. The platform's native token, WBS allocates 60% for community incentives. They integrate Web3 social and gaming concepts, enhancing the trading experience for all users.

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