Web3 Fantasy Game ‘Stables’ Lets Users Experience the Thrill of Horse Racing Through NFTs

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Web3 Fantasy Game ‘Stables’ Lets Users Experience the Thrill of Horse Racing Through NFTs

Players’ digital horses are linked to real racehorses through licensing agreements with France Galop and Le Trot

Stables is a new French NFT-based fantasy horse racing game platform that gives players the thrill of taking part in the exciting world of horse racing. By purchasing Stables NFT horses, players can compete for rewards through racing while actively contributing to the development of the game and its community.

Stables is the result of the combined efforts of PMU, the world’s third-largest horse racing betting operator and the largest in Europe, and 321founded, Europe’s leading start-up studio. Together, they rallied a team of entrepreneurs, Web3 experts, horse racing professionals, to create a new NFT and Web3 gaming experience.

Each artist-created Stables NFT horse is unique, with its performance and name tied to a real-life racehorse through official licenses granted by France Galop and Le Trot. By choosing wisely as they build up their virtual stables, players have the chance to become one of the community’s top racers through online competitions. The game combines the intensity of horse racing with the infinite possibilities of Web3.

The Stables NFT collection will be limited to just 6,666 NFTs, with an initial purchase price of €99 on the mint date of March 27. Players will be able to purchase whitelist packs containing between 1 and 10 NFTs, with different perks at each level. Purchasers will receive things like Stables points, bonus items, exclusive merchandise, and a VIP event invitation. The biggest available packs (10 NFTs) will include a Ledger Nano S, a highly secure hardware wallet for storing the newly minted Stables NFTs.

Stables takes full advantage of the richness and depth of professional horse racing data to create as realistic a simulation as possible. After each race, NFT owners will be awarded with Stables Points based on the corresponding real-world race results. The distribution will be based on an algorithm utilizing 10 years worth of racing history.

As the game’s functionality expands throughout 2023, players will be allowed to virtually modify their performance and the scoreboard. Players will have to make the best decisions and use the correct items in their quest to become the best in the community. Proceeds from the sale of Stables NFTs will be reserved and used to build up the game and community.

Stables NFT is built on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, where developers, artists, entrepreneurs, and brands around the globe build and engage in a network of decentralized applications. Stables chose Tezos as its technological backbone because it meets its five criteria of engagement and responsibility: high security, low energy cost, low transaction costs, a community and important partners, and a long-term expectation of operation.

About Stables

Stables is a thrilling horse racing fantasy game powered by NFT technology and based on real-live racehorses licensed by France Galop and Le Trot. On the Stables platform, users can adopt their own NFT racehorses and compete against other players for rewards and the glory of becoming the community’s top racer. The digital horses can be raised and trained, and owners can watch their skills grow as they compete and win. The ambitious project is led by PMU, the world’s third-largest horse racing pari-mutuel betting operator and the largest in Europe, and 321founded, Europe’s leading start-up studio.

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