Web3 Education Platform Rise In Acquires BlockBeam to Train the Next Generation of Web3 Developers in the U.S.

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Web3 Education Platform Rise In Acquires BlockBeam to Train the Next Generation of Web3 Developers in the U.S.

Boston, Massachusetts, October 30th, 2023, Chainwire

Rise In, a leading education platform that onboards web2 developers into web3, has further expanded its 200k+ talent community with the acquisition of U.S.-based BlockBeam. BlockBeam is one of the first and largest web3-focused ed-tech companies in the U.S. thanks to its partnerships with 90+ university blockchain clubs, including Princeton Blockchain Club, Blockchain at Berkeley, and Harvard Blockchain. The acquisition will help Rise In and its partners access the top colleges and universities in the world and train the next generation of web3 developers in the U.S.

Rise In onboards the global workforce to blockchain and web3 with the mission of becoming the #1 go-to place for anyone curious about learning and building web3. It provides free-of-charge web3 education in partnership with the biggest blockchain ecosystems in the world.

The acquisition of BlockBeam will help Rise In and its partners access the top colleges and universities in the world and train the next generation of web3 developers in the U.S.

Co-founder and CEO of Rise In, Gulcan Yayla commented: “We met with BlockBeam in 2022, when we were both experimenting with the best methods to train talent on blockchain and web3. We are passionate about providing a structured and easy-to-follow onboarding process for developers, leading to a meaningful career. Seeing the same passion in the BlockBeam team and their close relationship with the university clubs helped us make the acquisition decision. This way we’ll help our partners reach some of the best web3 talent in the world.”

Co-Founder of BlockBeam, Drew Cousin commented, “It was important to us that an acquirer was able to not only carry the torch but increase the value BlockBeam created for talent and our partners. We are excited to see Rise In continue to generate opportunities for talent and companies, and to accelerate US expansion with our assets.”

Rise In, launched by Turkish-founded in September 2023, has an e-learning and bootcamp management platform with 200,000+ web2 developers, which is increasing every month. They’ve already onboarded 25,000+ of them, from 90+ countries, to web3 through online courses and bootcamps. The education programs span from introduction to blockchain training to hardcore chain-specific technical courses on Solidity, Rust, and Substrate development. All courses and bootcamps are free for developers, primarily as the web3 protocols that need to onboard these developers to their chain provide the resources to run the programs. Rise In has partnered with Solana, BNB Chain, Polkadot, Sui, Internet Computer, Ethereum Foundation, and more to date.

Rise In helps successful graduates integrate into developer grants, bounty programs, hackathons, job opportunities, and venture-building support. They plan to launch an internship program for college students, who make up 31% of the bootcamp applications.

BlockBeam helps college students in the U.S. navigate the web3 job landscape. It offers expert career advice and comprehensive online skills training, empowering learners to land their first web3 jobs.

Through the acquisition, Rise In will add around 1,000 web3 developers from the U.S. to the platform. Acquiring developers in the U.S. is harder than in other regions like India. As part of the collaboration, Rise In will also be able to access their existing university partnerships. By combining their powers, Rise In and BlockBeam aim to provide the best experience for any developer to learn and build a career in web3.

About Rise In

Rise In started in Turkey as in 2021, providing employer-funded coding bootcamps for aspiring developers. In 2022, they launched their first web3 education program in partnership with NEAR after receiving demand from web2 developers to learn about web3. This first program received applications from 1,000+ developers, out of which 100+ successfully graduated. Some of the graduating projects have been selected by NEAR University as one of the top 100 projects of all time. After this success and further partnerships with other chains, launched Rise In in September 2023 to reach developers from all around the world. To date, 25,000+ developers have joined their web3 programs from 90+ countries, mainly from India, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, the U.S. and Germany.

About BlockBeam

BlockBeam was founded in January 2022 by two Northeastern University students, Bennett Thompson and Drew Cousin. They launched the company after Bennett started the Northeastern Blockchain Club and gained visibility to the need for blockchain infrastructure companies to engage entrepreneurs and developers to grow. They partnered with the top colleges in the U.S., onboarding students to their education programs that taught valuable skills in emerging technology in partnership with the Algorand Foundation, Coin Metrics, and more. The results of the programs were outstanding with many participants quickly finding full-time work within the space or launching their own companies.


Gulcan Yayla