Validation Cloud Achieves SOC 2, Bringing Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure To Web3

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Validation Cloud Achieves SOC 2, Bringing Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure To Web3

Zug, Switzerland, October 3rd, 2023, Chainwire

Validation Cloud, the leading Web3 infrastructure provider, is proud to announce the successful completion of a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type I audit, conducted by Sensiba LLP (Sensiba).This achievement reinforces Validation Cloud's commitment to delivering unparalleled security, availability, and confidentiality for its users and partners; and bringing enterprise-grade infrastructure to the Web3 industry.

From its inception, Validation Cloud has been at the vanguard of delivering Web3 capabilities to commercial enterprises. Recognizing the importance of process controls and compliance among traditional enterprises, the company made SOC2 a core priority; making Validation Cloud an outlier among Web3 companies. In fact, only a small fraction of Web3 companies are SOC 2 compliant.

Validation Cloud’s CTO Andrew McFarlane added, “Our primary focus is delivering an exceptional customer experience and our SOC 2 compliance is a reflection of this focus. We’re proud to be one of the few SOC 2 compliant node API and staking infrastructure providers, delivering Web3 connectivity that is highly performant, reliable, and secure.”

SOC 2 is critical in Web3 for two distinct reasons:

  1. In order to bring traditional enterprises into Web3, the industry must match Web2 in both performance and standards.
  2. The promise of decentralized ecosystems and applications hinges on data privacy and security.

For enterprise Web2 procurement, SOC 2 is simply table stakes, since security and compliance are requirements if you want to service blue chip enterprises. If Web3 apps want to compete in a broader marketplace of Web2 companies, they must demand that their service providers achieve similar standards. Validation Cloud’s approach matches Web2 standards, while delivering the unique components that Web3 has to offer. This posture makes it easy for Web2 and Web3 enterprises alike to work with Validation Cloud.

Beyond the needs of traditional enterprises, there is a further need for security as it relates to the Web3 ecosystem. Simply put, security is critical to imbuing trust and confidence in Web3 applications among individuals and organizations. Over $5 billion was lost in DeFi hacks between 2016 and 2022. These types of security risks generate anxiety around Web3 and further hinder adoption of Web3 technologies. Validation Cloud's dedication to security is reinforced by an expansive suite of controls and protocols, continuously monitored 24/7.

Navigate Web3 responsibly with Validation Cloud's enterprise-grade and SOC 2-compliant platform. To learn more about Validation Cloud and explore its cutting-edge offerings and platform, visit

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