Umoja Closes On $4M Seed Funding Round To Help Anyone Generate Wealth Using Smart Money

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Umoja Closes On $4M Seed Funding Round To Help Anyone Generate Wealth Using Smart Money

Atlanta, GA, USA, March 19th, 2024, Chainwire

The world’s first smart money protocol is accepting Early Adopters for its beta today, with participation in its upcoming token airdrop.

Umoja, a pioneering smart money protocol, enables money to trade itself, protect against risk, and optimize yields. In a significant move forward, Umoja has successfully closed on a $2 million extension to its initial seed funding round, bringing the total amount raised in the round to $4 million. Led by Robby Greenfield, the former Head of Social Impact at ConsenSys, Umoja is backed by Coinbase, 500 Global, Quantstamp, Blockchain Founders Fund, Orange DAO, Hyperithm, Psalion, and the Blizzard Fund by Avalanche amongst others.

Umoja transforms wealth creation by leveraging 'Synths', the core building blocks of smart money. These tokenized strategies, accessible through Umoja's dApp, more easily enable the creation of groundbreaking financial instruments such as delta-neutral stablecoins (e.g., USDe by Ethena) and hedged assets (e.g., zero-downside ETH). Designed to minimize losses and boost returns, Umoja's adaptive technology ensures safer, smarter digital investments.

Umoja intends to overcome what it calls the “ROI Paywall”, where more than 8 billion people lack access to proven wealth creation tools. Retail investors, despite holding a $7.2 trillion market share, are often sidelined by institutional players, who have exclusive access to powerful tools that guide their investment strategies. DeFi was meant to be the great equalizer for wealth creation, but it has failed to achieve this vision, with platforms such as Aave and Uniswap only providing limited, hard-coded investment options, instead of addressing the need for accessible and smart financial solutions.

Looking to make its mark in the projected $8.3 trillion asset management market by 2032, the smart money protocol offers a straightforward way for investors to easily navigate digital assets. It tailors strategies to match individual risk tolerance, helping navigate the choppy waters of the crypto markets securely and aiming to enhance returns.

Democratizing Wealth Creation

The recent addition to Umoja's initial $2 million seed funding, announced in January, highlights investor confidence in Umoja's mission to break down the barriers to wealth creation. Launching at an opportune moment, Umoja aims to empower investors to capitalize on the crypto industry's bull market momentum, marked by Bitcoin's record-breaking highs.

Umoja's goal is to make wealth creation tools accessible to all, converting dormant capital into dynamic, self-enhancing smart assets. Demonstrating rapid progress, Umoja has seen its transaction volume explode from $45,000 to more than $1.5 million within six weeks.

Enhancing Crypto’s Social Impact

Robby Greenfield, CEO of Umoja, has been a pivotal figure in harnessing the societal benefits of cryptocurrency. During his tenure as Head of Social Impact at ConsenSys, Greenfield co-led groundbreaking initiatives, including the world's first stablecoin humanitarian aid program with Oxfam and facilitated the U.S. State Department's inaugural crypto grant to support factory workers in developing nations. He also co-founded the Ethereum Foundation's Devon Scholars program.

At Umoja, Greenfield is focused on making a greater social impact by broadening access to 'smart money.' Umoja aims to democratize sophisticated asset management, enabling widespread financial independence and contributing to global wealth redistribution.

“Bitcoin opened the door to accessible money; Umoja is now paving the way for accessible wealth creation by making asset management as simple as holding the asset itself," Greenfield explains. "This marks the pivotal moment where traditional finance and decentralized finance converge.”

Get Started Today

There is no better time than the present to get started building wealth, and Umoja is inviting users to sign up to its protocol today. In-line with its mission to transform the current financial landscape, Umoja is opening the door for anyone to become an early adopter by participating in its ongoing beta. By connecting their digital wallet and running their first Synth, users will automatically become eligible for Umoja’s imminent airdrop and help to pioneer a smarter, safer and more inclusive financial ecosystem.

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About Umoja

Umoja is the world's first smart money protocol, leveraging blockchain technology to empower anyone to create smart money. By integrating automated investment strategies into digital assets, Umoja enables tokens to self-trade, hedge against market volatility, and optimize yields, making money work smarter for everyone.


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