Turbos Prepares for Sui Mainnet with Testnet Launch of its Concentrated Liquidity DEX

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Turbos Prepares for Sui Mainnet with Testnet Launch of its Concentrated Liquidity DEX

Tortola`, BVI, April 28th, 2023, Chainwire

Turbos Finance, a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) enabling spot and derivatives trading on the Sui Network, has released a Permanent Testnet deployment on Sui’s public testnet. This significant step comes just in time as the Sui Network gears up for launch on May 3, 2023.

Turbos Finance is aiming to be among the first protocols to deploy a functional concentrated liquidity platform on the network, with support of Mysten Labs (Sui Network’s primary tech contributor) and Jump Crypto.

The Permanent Testnet allows users to familiarize with the platform’s unique features and the Sui Network UX, while collecting feedback to help refine the product. Accessible to everyone, the testnet dApp showcases the advantages of Turbos Finance’s concentrated liquidity market maker (CLMM) model. The platform enables users to set up custom ranges in which to provide liquidity, concentrating it around a desired price range and collecting a larger portion of the fees with less capital. The approach offers far superior liquidity to traditional platforms based on the xy=k invariant.

The testnet is available at and enables trading and providing liquidity for testnet SUI, BTC, ETH and USDC tokens, which will be available on mainnet as well. A comprehensive tutorial is available to guide users through the testnet experience, covering wallet connectivity, testnet token funding, and dApp navigation. To provide feedback on the testnet, users are encouraged to join the Turbos Finance Discord server and share their insights on the testnet-feedback channel.

“We’re almost ready for our mainnet launch, with the Permanent Testnet launch being the last stage,” said Ted Co-founder and CEO of Turbos Finance. “This is perfect timing as Sui launches in early May, and we expect to be there almost immediately. Through the strategic partnership with Mysten Labs and Jump Crypto, we expect a smooth launch on the Sui mainnet very soon.”

About Turbos Finance

Turbos Finance, DEX for all, is a non-custodial liquidity layer built on top of the Sui Network backed by Jump Crypto and Mysten Labs. We offer an efficient and composable automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange with the Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM) model and derivatives trading features.


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