Trace Network Labs’ Fashion & Lifestyle Metaverse PARIZ Introduces MetaCommerce

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Trace Network Labs’ Fashion & Lifestyle Metaverse PARIZ Introduces MetaCommerce

Transformative ecommerce metaverse will enhance the online shopping experience and bring real-world adoption to the metaverse industry

NFT-based luxury lifestyle metaverse enabler Trace Network Labs is continuing its streak of platform and product launches that further blur the line between our physical and digital lives. Its latest offering, fashion & lifestyle metaverse PARIZ, will provide consumers with a unique and immersive shopping experience combining the best aspects of both physical and digital.

Through PARIZ, Trace Network is aiming to be at the forefront of an entirely new form of ecommerce: experiential commerce, through which customers will be able to interact with products and brands in a virtual environment. It promises to enhance the overall shopping experience, improve visibility into processes, increase efficiency, and enable more effective decision making.

“Environment drives people’s behaviour and the Metaverse can teleport them into the environment of their choice, where they can engage in shopping, socialising and other activities like attending events, parties and fashion shows,” says Trace Network Labs Co-Founder and CEO Lokesh Rao. “With Pariz metaverse, we are building one single destination for Gen Z to live their lifestyle, from where they can also claim products in the real world.”

PARIZ is the latest effort by Trace Network to advance meta commerce and revolutionize online shopping for all brands both offline and online, including direct-to-consumer brands. Through its innovative combination of Web3 with 3D and VR technology, brands are able to build up their metaverse retail presence with Metastores.

Trace Network Labs’ PARIZ Metaverse’s ethos is built around 5 core components designed to help businesses succeed in the fast-paced world of ecommerce.

1. Adoption-centric approach to metaverse

The company aims to provide a platform to allow businesses and individuals to create and launch 3D experiences in the metaverse, all built natively on the blockchain. The goal here is to make real life experiences more accessible and user-friendly to the general public and in turn increase metaverse adoption.

2. MetaStores to enable Meta-commerce

Trace Networks is pioneering the concept of 3D retail through what are known as MetaStores. These virtual retail storefronts in the metaverse work similarly to a store in a video game, where a user only needs to enter as their digital avatar to interact with products and services.

3. Plug-and-play integration of Metaverse-to-Home capabilities with MetaStores

Trace Network specializes in activating fashion and lifestyle in the metaverse through its Metaverse-to-Home capabilities and MetaStores. It will allow customers to shop for fashion and lifestyle online, pay for their purchases, and receive them at their homes. In simplest terms, it’s a “Buy in the Metaverse & Delivered at Home” that transforms metaverse shopping into an end-to-end ecommerce experience.

4. Ecommerce for the Web3 generation is online shopping 3.0

Trace Network aims to provide consumers the ability to shop online without intermediaries, looking to make online shopping more convenient, secure, and accessible for the Web3 generation.

5. Empowering D2C brands to build a brand presence via MetaStores

Many D2C brands that started out exclusively online have expanded to physical stores. With MetaStores, D2C brands can start building their own virtual brick-and-mortar presence in the PARIZ Metaverse, enhancing their brand presence online.

Trace Network is even going beyond building out these utilities and use cases in PARIZ with opportunities for metaverse shoppers around the globe to create immersive experiences that brings people together.

PARIZ’ Events space will be a destination for virtual events hosted by brands, influencers, artists, projects and more. Users can organize meetups, fashion shows, and fireside chats with influencers. Even a full-blown TED talk or corporate get together will be possible. PARIZ’ Lounge will serve as an alternative to Google Meet, Zoom, or an in-person conference room meeting. Simply create your meeting space in Pariz, invite your friends, colleagues, partners, or other members, and conduct the meeting in an immersive setting with your avatars.

About Trace Network Labs

Founded as the Trace Network, Trace Network Labs builds technology with the ultimate goal of creating a lifestyle NFT-based protocol for the Metaverse, enabling the next generation of luxury goods where the real and virtual worlds become one. Their mission is to be a part of transforming how our digital and real-life selves interact with and consume luxury products, freeing consumers to seamlessly migrate between worlds with their lifestyles intact.